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According to a new RadarOnline article, Bill Cosby‘s got even more problems as they are currently reporting that his three daughters have already abandoned him, and now Camille is ready to walk. As in a divorce from the 81-year-old incarcerated entertainer.

“Camille is actively getting advice from several of the top divorce lawyers in the country,” an insider said. “It’s only a matter of time before she files the papers.”

The story goes on to say that the  couple’s marriage is so far beyond repair that Camille, 74, has avoided the maximum-security SCI Phoenix penitentiary in Montgomery County, Pa., where Cosby is serving at least three years.

“Camille hasn’t visited Cosby in jail — not once! She doesn’t even want to be on his visitation list,” a source revealed.

The site’s story goes on to point out that on their 55th wedding anniversary on Jan. 25, Camille barely spoke to Cosby.

“For every other couple, that would have been a big celebration, but Camille could hardly be bothered to pick up the phone,” the insider said. “She talked to him for four minutes before hanging up. It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t care about him anymore.”

The couple’s marriage survived the I Spy star’s extramarital affair in the 1970s, the public disclosure of his love child, Autumn Jackson, and the 1997 murder of their only son, Ennis.

But Camille was glaringly absent from the Pennsylvania courtroom where the Cosby Show star was on trial for sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

Now, in a cagey move to avoid her disgraced hubby’s jailhouse calls, Camille has followed a daily swimming routine that overlaps with his free time.

“Camille will swim in their pool in the morning right before breakfast, again before lunch and then a third time before bed,” said a source.

“Those are the exact times that Bill has phone privileges!”

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