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A train left a station in Ohio with a baby alone on board.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) released surveillance video Wednesday of the Jan. 12 incident.

The video shows the baby’s father brought the child onto the train in a carrier, and while the train was stopped at Windmere station. He placed the carrier and a diaper bag on two seats near another passenger. The video shows he then exited the train.

According to reports he left the train car to smoke a cigarette on the platform. But before he was finished the train exited the station. In the video the passenger seated near the baby can be seen running run to the door as the train started moving, trying to get someone’s attention. The father also ran alongside the train, in what appears to be an effort to notify the conductor of what was going on.

RTA officials said before the train arrived at the next station, Transit police and operations staff responded to the scene and told the operator what happened. The train returned safely to Windmere, where the father and child were reunited.

RTA officials stressed that at no point during the incident were the child or any other passengers in danger.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Left Alone On Train While Father Steps Out To Smoke

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Happy he was reunited with the baby. However, that brother better pull a Shaggy, “it wasn’t me.” He’s never going to hear the end of it from his wife/lady. He can’t ever comment on her parenting skills. All she has to do is run in place and say, “who this.” Or, “oh you can run your mouth at me, but you couldn’t run fast enough and catch that train when you left our baby.” Be quiet brother – practice, “it wasn’t me.”

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