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“Young and the Restless” star Kristoff St. John was found dead on Sunday. Now, the late soap star’s ex-wife is saying the medical facility they held responsible for their son’s death is once again to blame.

LAPD confirms that St. John, 52, was pronounced dead at his San Fernando Valley home after responding to a possible alcohol overdose, and have since passed the investigation on to the LA County Coroner’s office, reports The Blast.

Meanwhile, boxer Mia St. John, the late actor’s ex-wife, who’s also a professional boxer, tweeted and deleted her outrage at La Casa Mental Health hospital in Long Beach, where their 24-year-old son, Julian, committed suicide in 2014.

“That hospital killed our son then my husband thats what happened!” Mia tweeted early Monday morning, heartbreakingly adding, “They killed my family.”

In 2015, Kristoff and Mia sued the facility, They contended that the facility did not provide enough care for their son, and argued they gave him access to the plastic blag he used to suffocate himself.

At this point, it’s not clear if Mia is insinuating Kristoff died from a direct connection to the hospital, or if she’s claiming the loss of their son led to her ex-husband’s tragic death.

As of this report, police investigators have wrapped up their preliminary inquiry into the actor’s death, and will wait for an autopsy and possible toxicology before an official cause is given.

Kristoff St. John earned 9 Daytime Emmy Awards and 10 NAACP Image Awards while playing  Neil Winters on the long-running CBS soap, “Young & the Restless.”

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11 thoughts on “Kristoff St. John’s Ex-Wife Reportedly Blames His Death On Hospital Where Son Committed Suicide

  1. The Truth on said:

    Mental Illness really need to be taken Serious. You don’t know what people are going thru even your kids being bullied can trigger depression they don’t talk about and you problem don’t even think about.

  2. Johnny Jedkins on said:

    I can’t comment on this because I have no kids, whatever Mr.Saint John was going through he hid it until he couldn’t take it anymore everyone has something weighing on them. You need God in your life first,then he will put people in your life that you need.Rest life in peace Kristoff Saint John you is with your son.

    • He did seek treatment. He was off the show for about 9 months over a yr ago. I think he was seeking treatment recently because he had just came back to the show after being gone for the past few months. I watch the show daily. I’ve been concerned about him because he hadn’t been on Y&R for months. I was hoping he was ok. But he hadn’t been on since late 2014

  3. WOW! Sadden by some of these comments – all parents feel guilty when one of their children is hurt, abused, etc and in this case when they die an unexpected young death. For all we know he did seek some professional help to deal with his grief and loss. I am just praying that he has found some peace now that he is in the ever loving hands of God who is so merciful

  4. AMommy on said:

    You don’t “get over” the death of your child. You try to adjust to the new normal of life without them. You don’t “get over it” like the flu. Grief doesn’t work like that.

  5. So sad!

    The father, apparently NEVER got over the death of his son.
    Maybe he should’ve received some type of mental health therapy so he could
    sit down with a professional and discuss his issues regarding his son’s suicide.

    WE are losing way too many folks due to their states of mind, and them often refusing to reach out for help!!!!!

    May both Father and Son R.I.P.

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