DeVon Franklin Says Men ‘Can Be Better’, Talks New Book ‘Truth About Men’


DeVon Franklin is following up on the success of his book, “The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success” with a book that aims to improve our relationships.

Franklin, who has been married to actress Meagan Good since 2012, is ready to open eyes on the complex nature of men in his new book, “The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need To Know.”

He explained on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, “It’s just time for us as men, you know one, to own our truth and part of that truth is, we can be better.”

Adding, “I talk about in the book what we struggle with. But I also give women information so that they know how to better navigate their dealings with men.”

Check out the full interview above.


5 thoughts on “DeVon Franklin Says Men ‘Can Be Better’, Talks New Book ‘Truth About Men’

  1. Arnett V. Cooper on said:

    No there should be more Fathers in Boys’ Lives to teach & to educate Them about Our History and about how They’re suppose to treat Girls & Women this is the same Eurocentric mentality in Our Mentality that We all been Historically taught in schools & on TV today thank You Brother DeVon Franklin We may not help Those who don’t understand yes Mothers should be teaching Our Children too

  2. How about some mothers–NEED TO RAISE BETTER SONS.
    There are way too may young woman having kids, when they are still children themselves.
    Children DO NOT come with instructions, therefore, it would be nice if the mother
    were MATURE enuff to nuture the child and raise it well.

    Children must be taught good behavior.
    This also includes MALE children.
    Boys need to be taught TO RESPECT ALL WOMEN.
    Boys need to be taught NEVER TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON A WOMAN.
    BOYS need to be taught to LOVE THEIR BLACK QUEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Another book about not a damn thing to pimp people out of money. I hate when celebrities or celebrity “so called” fake pastors write books.

    • Ted Gravely on said:

      Passing Through – unfortunately, I have to agree. I won’t drag him too hard. At least he is not giving you advice like multiple marriage guru Steve Harvey. Steve should write about something in which he is the unparalleled expert – How not to stay married.

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