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(Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

PHOENIX (AP) — A nurse who was looking after an incapacitated woman at long-term health care facility has been charged with raping her, weeks after she stunned her caregivers and family who didn’t know she was pregnant by giving birth to a baby boy, Phoenix police said Wednesday.

Investigators arrested 36-year-old Nathan Sutherland, a licensed practical nurse, on suspicion of one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said.

“We owed this arrest to the victim. We owed this arrest to the newest member of our community — that innocent baby,” Williams said.

The surprise birth late last month triggered reviews by state agencies and highlighted safety concerns for patients who are severely disabled or incapacitated and prompted authorities to test the DNA of all the men who worked at the Hacienda HealthCare facility.

Police spokesman Tommy Thompson said Sutherland was charged after his DNA was found to match the baby’s.

Sutherland declined to speak with police and invoked his Fifth Amendment rights, Thompson said. A message left at a phone number listed for Sutherland was not immediately returned.

The 29-year-old victim has been in long-term care since the age of 3 and gave birth at the facility on Dec. 29. Employees said they had no idea she was pregnant. As her guardian, the woman’s mother was required to submit an annual report to the court that included results of a medical exam.

The case has prompted the departure or discipline of key figures at Hacienda HealthCare, including the CEO. The provider on Sunday announced that one doctor who had cared for the woman resigned and another had been suspended.

Earlier stories had described the patient as being comatose or in a vegetative state. But her parents released a statement on Tuesday disputing that characterizations. They described her instead as intellectually disabled because of seizures in early childhood. While she doesn’t speak, she has some mobility in her limbs, head and neck. She also responds to sound and can make facial gestures.

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22 thoughts on “Nurse Arrested In Rape Of Woman Who Gave Birth At Facility

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    This has happened before, maybe twenty years ago by a 60 something year old black boy. If I remember correctly he got twenty years.

  2. pac4me on said:

    He should be put under the jail after Bubba gets done with him. He looks evil and He didn’t have sex with her on just one occasion – this was a repeat offender and what about his other patients someone needs to exam everybody that’s there. Also is it ok for a man to be the intimate caregiver for a woman – who was in the room with him during his “care fiving”. Lord, I hope he gets 100 years plus 3 days

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    You are the Father. No Maury needed. He looks interesting. A nurse? Looks are deceiving. Now here is what dum dum got right – he invoked his Fifth Amendment Rights. If we could get more of our people to invoke their rights and request an attorney, it would stifle the shenanigans. Who knows if blue racists are telling the truth? They lie so much. Perhaps the way they compelled him to submit to DNA testing was illegal? Remember – first reports said she was in a vegetative state. Now we find out, the blue racists lied – again. Maybe he thought she agreed to be his girlfriend. Patient/Nurse relationships happen. He also looks like a darker Sarah Huckabut brother. This might not be open and shut!! You might be disgusted because of earlier reports, but what if ……..

  4. Disgusting never dream it would be a Black man. What I don’t understand they didn’t know she was pregnant. They all need to be fired.

  5. The sad part I saw we will never know how long he was forcing himself on her before he got caught. And how many other patients he could have done this too.

  6. Man these people are sick. To have sex with an incapacitated person even when they’re inebriated is awful. I need cooperation instead of making love to a corpse.
    Don’t trust this man in a funeral home. 😝

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