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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Wendy Williams is taking an extended break from her TV talk show to deal with health issues related to her immune system disorder, her family said Friday.

The family wrote in a statement that Williams has suffered complications from Graves’ disease in the past few days.

Treatment is necessary and will include “significant time” in the hospital, according to the family statement provided by show producer and distributor Debmar-Mercury.

Williams has a strong desire to return to work but must focus on her “personal and physical well-being,” the family said, adding a request that her privacy be respected.

Williams, 54, is married to Kevin Hunter.

She is on the mend from another health problem, a shoulder fracture she suffered in December, the statement said.

The host revealed the Graves’ disease diagnosis on her show last February, when she announced a three-week hiatus.

Graves’ disease leads to the overproduction of thyroid hormones and can cause wide-ranging symptoms and affect overall health.

In October 2017, Williams fainted on stage during her show, saying later she became overheated while wearing a bulky Halloween costume.

Debmar-Mercury said that it “wholeheartedly” supports Williams’ decision to take the time she needs. She will be welcomed back when she is ready, the company said.

Repeats of “The Wendy Williams Show” will air during the week of Jan. 21, to be followed by original episodes with guest hosts.

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13 thoughts on “Wendy Williams To Take Health-Related Break From TV Show

  1. How can wendy ask anyone to respect her privacy when she rips everyones lives apart and in a ugly way i might add. Then she thinks its all okay because its her job. Karma Wendy. Take what you enjoy doing to others. She is a mean spirited person.

    • Chastity on said:

      Exactly!! All she does is stay in people’s business and so-call give advice and tell people what they should or should not do when she should have been focusing on her family and their issues. She does not deserve any privacy during this time because she nevef takes that into consideration when blabs about everyone else’s business. I never have liked Wendy. She is a very messy and mean-spirited person. You reap what you sew.

  2. Lovebug on said:

    Wendy, Get well and take care of your health. You’re fans will be waiting for you when you return. God bless you and your love ones

  3. Mac Daddy on said:

    I’m telling you, the chemicals in weave are broken down and absorbed by the scalp, causing neurological damage. Black women, stop this insanity

    • Mac,
      Still hear that jealousy in your writing. I told you, I would hook you up with a good weave. Girl, let that enter black woman come out. Stop hiding Mac. twirl girl twirl.

  4. Gloria on said:

    This story just gets stranger n stranger! It’s about time she decided to just take time n get whatever help she needs! That huzzzzband seems to be taking a toll on her, along with her health issues. This show needs to be axed. She had a good long 10 yr run. Let it go n focus on healing.

  5. Sarah b on said:

    Wendy my love…know that your true fans love you and want you to take time to heal. It’s important to know how long and intensive it requires. I’m praying for you….don’t stress just relax and heal….we ain’t going nowhere babe!!

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