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Florida woman is making headlines for all the wrong reasons after she stole Rolex watches valued at $108K and put them in her vagina. The pricey items were discovered during a jailhouse strip search; cops found 4 Rolex watches inside her va-jay-jay and she also urinated on the jail floor.

According to the Miami Herald, Delajurea Brookens was busted after she robbed a businessman in his hotel room on January 8. Brookens, 29, met Ramon Diaz at a club in Miami Beach and they later ended up at a hotel. At some point in the night, Diaz discovered his Crown Royal whiskey bag, containing five watches valued at $108,000, was missing.

As reported by SandraRose, Brookens fled the hotel with Diaz in hot pursuit. Once he caught up with her, police say she struck Diaz in the head as he struggled with her to retrieve his belongings. Hotel staff called the police, who caught up with the woman near the hotel. Cops recovered a $22,000 Hublot inside the Crown Royal bag but the other four watches were recovered as Brookens was being processed through jail. Police said she went through a metal detector that “showed items that were in her vaginal area.”

Brookens was charged with grand theft, resisting an officer with violence, battery and possession of cocaine. She was also charged with criminal mischief for urinating on the floor of her holding cell.

She is now freed on bond, and the charge is yet another on her lengthy rap sheet which includes prostitution. Brookens also has the word “whore” tattooed on her arm according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

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