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A Haitian American woman is suing the Italian brand Moschino for racial profiling; claiming her manager at a store in West Hollywood used a racist codename to describe Black customers perceived to be too poor to “afford items in the store.”

Former Moschino employee Shamael Lataillade has filed a complaint against the company in California state and named her manager, Ranna Selbak, as a defendant in the case. She claims Selbak would call Black shoppers “Serena” and would encourage staff members to “closely watch” and even follow them.

Lataillade had worked as a Sales Supervisor since June 2015 and her lawsuit asserts that she was wrongfully terminated last spring, “following ongoing and atrocious harassment and discrimination based on her status as a Black, Haitian American woman.” As reported by The Fashion Law, she accuses Selbak of stealing “4 percent” of her commissions, refusing to give her the mandatory vacations days or clothing allowance and “demanding that [she] do things outside of her agreed workload without additional compensation, title, or benefit.” Lataillade says Selbak “created and fostered a hostile environment.”

According to the complaint, Selbak “would verbally abuse [Lataillade], calling her names” including  “ghetto” and “thief” and said she “practiced voodoo” due to her Haitian heritage. On several occasions, Selbak allegedly said Lataillade’s “natural, kinky hair” was not a “professional look.”

Selbak also enforced a racist “protocol” for Black customers who were not celebrities “and did not have an outward appearance of money via diamonds or name brands” and who she believed “couldn’t afford items in the store.” She would also “take pictures of [their] licenses plates” in the store parking lot, and engage in acts that caused them to feel “degradation, humiliation, harassment, and discrimination.”

Lataillade is reportedly suing for breach of contract, race harassment and discrimination, religious harassment and discrimination, gender harassment and discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and defamation. She is seeking monetary damages, including triple damages since the defendants’ conduct “was committed intentionally, in a malicious, oppressive, fraudulent manner.”

Moschino has said in a statement that it “complies with applicable equal employment laws and values and respects all customers and clients regardless of their race or background.”

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13 thoughts on “Moschino Being Sued For Having A Code Word For ‘Poor’ Black Shoppers

  1. WOW!! While they are being ignorant, the white girl was stealing from your store!! Be careful about profiling, because while you “profiling” the right…your getting *ucked by the left…in other words, while you are watching people of color, the person that looks just like you, blonde hair, blue eyes, is doing exactly what you are watching the people of color for! I’m sure that the same folks in the store profiling can’t afford nothing in the store anyways, so it’s a lose-lose situation all the way around! Black people….we are beautiful and worth way more than the silly clothes on their racks!! Screw the entire store and their sorry ass employees!!

  2. African American’s need to STOP wasting their hard earned $$$$ purchasing designer fashions from designers who DO NOT RESPECT us.

    Moschino management showed that they DON’T give a shit about us.
    This also applies to Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna and other houses of fashion.

    I wish this woman good luck in her pending lawsuit against Moschino.

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