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Is her husband’s cheating scandal taking a toll on Wendy Williams to the point where she taking all of next week off from her eponymous TV talk show? Or, is it health issues?

Well, if you believe a RadarOnline report, the cheating hubby (Kevin Hunter) is the real problem.


If you watch her show or just stay up on what’s happening, you already know that not too long ago Williams, 54, took time off with the claim of health issues as the reason.


Her latest health challenge is  a shoulder fracture, combined with her odd behavior, has raised eyebrows and caused people to to be concerned for her.

But although “Wendy was supposed to return to her show on Monday, January 7, she is taking another week off,” a source told RadarOnline.

“Her staffers were notified late on Friday night and will now have to cancel all of their bookings and rearrange future tapings to accommodate Wendy being gone.”

The word is Wendy’s apparent meltdown came as her husband, Kevin Hunter, 46, was accused of getting his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, pregnant.

Both Williams and Hunter have vehemently denied those reports.Hunter has been accused of  having a 10-year affair with Hudson.

As a result of its snooping, RO discovered that Hunter’s alleged love nest with the alleged other woman has gone up for sale.

RadarOnline is also reporting Williams announced in late December that she had fractured her shoulder — but an insider claimed to Radar that the daytime TV host has something much more serious going on with her health.

“Something bad is going on with Wendy,” the source told Radar exclusively, adding that the December 17 episode was cancelled at the last minute and replaced with a rerun.

An insider insisted Williams has been exhibiting strange behavior “for weeks.” She burped and coughed during an earlier health scare in March 2018.She’s had other unexpected absences from TV as the host has battled Grave’s disease.






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44 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Is Off The Air For Another Week

  1. Anna Sanders on said:

    Wendy, now is the time to show everyone what you are made of! Kick Kevin to the curb, sue for adultery and get on with your business. You aren’t the first celebrity this has happened to and you won’t be the last. Show the HATERS you are a SURVIVOR. One tip , you should really tone down the negative comments. You can report gossip without that. That one about Nick Cannon’s last child being an ‘Oops baby’ was in very bad taste.

  2. Bob Sayre on said:

    Wendy your a diva. I love watching her and her superior staff. Doing a tv show is so hard not to show some flaws and have people pick you apart for some of the most petty things. Miss Wendy bless you and Go GIRL I value you your insight and opinions. You will always be my most valued DIVA.

  3. charles on said:


  4. Any real man that loved his famous media- mogul wife and wasn’t guilty of adultery would go to the media and vehemently deny the accusations! The fact the Daily Mail put The Hunters and Sharina on blast is evidence of a scandal. Wendy is clearly afraid of being alone and would rather have him even if its part-time. Wendy should stop being an idiot for a man! Her money is lavishing Sharina and maybe her child!

  5. Taherra on said:

    I really think that she can dish the mess but when it comes to her life, she cant take it! I also believe that her shoulder was hurt due to a domestic violence incident between her and her husband because of all this mistress news! Be careful how you talk about people….you never know when you are the headline news.

  6. Gayle Addison on said:

    Wendy I am so glad you are taking a break, i was concern about you from the time you had fell faint on your show, believe it or not our bodies tell us when its time and stress is a killer and it can affect us mentally and physically, and as we get older it breaks us down. What people should realize that you have a job to do and it can be very hard to separate the two, but when you leave reality hits hard and you question you self why keep strong.

  7. Deb Rowedda on said:

    Wendy, you stand your ground on your show and tell people how to stand theirs. Stand your ground! If your husband is cheating, kick him to the don’t need him…he needs you! Tell him to take several seats. You been in this business long enough to know how to kick ass and take names. Geesh..we are all waiting on you!

  8. Linda Myers on said:

    Wendy drop Kevin, I had a case of of Graves disease that was brought on by my husband having a baby out of wedlock too. I tried to forgive , but he went and did it again 4 years another baby, It ain’t worth your health. Little Kev is raised up. He can see his daddy elswhere.Drop the Zero. You can and will do better. Don’t let him bring you down.!

  9. Renee Ranson on said:

    I don’t wish bad on anyone…There are always signs..some tend to miss….But those q tips and belching tho !!!!! I just can’t with her…..BUT I would rather straighten her crown than bash it
    God Bless you …get rid of those that are making you sick….Its your time and they are NOT Respecting it +++

  10. Kam S. on said:

    Supposedly this dude was cheating on her when she was still doing her radio show, so this is nothing new to her. Not saying it makes it any easier but it’s time to cut the damn cord, kick him to the curb, and keep it moving. He needs you more than you need him.

  11. On the last show before taking the hiatus, I thought Wendy had said the hiatus would be 3 weeks. Is this all fake news to keep people interested and continue watching?

  12. Joyce A-M on said:

    Atleast he/she spoke against the perversion of R. Kelly. I respect that. Other than that I do not watch The Wendy Williams Show.

  13. What goes around comes around. Wendy doesn’t respect anyone when she’s airing their dirty laundry, so she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. She’ll probably be healthier if she drops her cheating husband.

  14. Wendy, take care of yourself first.
    If Kevin is involved, he must realize he can not cause you stress or any unhappiness. Let him go NOW! GO ON WITH YOUR SHOW

  15. suetatum1954gmailcom on said:

    I have the solution for Wendy it is simple and makes me smile while NOT looking at her I turn the damn channel

  16. Start back eating some real food. Seems to me this crazy way you are eating has you with a lot of medical issues. My sister in law got very sick cutting out most foods she was having seizures because she la ked proper nutrition.

  17. Dwayne Everett on said:

    Regardless to the reason for her leave she is a human . She has feelings and emotions! Give her the respect n privacy she deserves so that she may attend to what is her personal n private needs! Back off! Don’t violate her personal space!!!

    • Susan henley on said:

      Amen to that we love you Wendy come back soon We miss you so much I knew something was wrong because you never take a day off and then I just googled it take your time Wendy I don’t like any of these people get to you I’ve read some comments on here that are totally unnecessary I love you Wendy you’re my friend in my head and I love you feel better and come back fast

  18. Some may say that Wendy is just getting what she deserve. I as a married woman feels no one deserves this. She has made her career of bashing couples and now it has come full circle all the things she has talked about other people about and aired out their dirty laundry about now it’s her time. I truly feel sorry for her.

  19. Some may argue that Wendy is just getting what she deserve. I as a married woman feels no one deserves this. She has made her career of bashing couples and now it has come full circle all the things she has talked about other people about and aired out their dirty laundry about now it’s her time. I truly feel sorry for her.

  20. I genuinely feel sorry for Wendy. She is always airing out somebody else’s dirty laundry what she needed to do is beat everyone to the punch and air out her own because the backlash is going to be real. When you can jump out there and air out everybody else’s stuff and then sit on your own like you’re better than everyone else and nothing’s going wrong in your world. Your going to end up looking crazy because they say he without sin cast the first stone or people in glass houses shouldn’t throw none. She knew her house was glass.

  21. Val Dee on said:

    She is either in serious denial or suffering severe mental problems. Her bad behavior and rudeness is not cute. The burps and digging in her eyes with q-tips is so unacceptable. Get a grip Wendy and let neanderthal man off the hook.

    • Sayitasiseeit on said:

      I agree with you completely and have sent her messages telling her so. And the way she scarfs down the food when someone cooks. Not even paying attention to what the cooks are saying. No class

  22. Chosen14 on said:

    Why is any of this news when our country is in a real crisis and we may soon be under the reign of total anarchy. Stop the idiotic distractions

    • Um, R Kelly and Wendy Williams are millionaires, we have people who are not getting paid because of the gov’t shutdown. Let’s put out focus and concern for those who really need it. Stay woke!!!

  23. Queenb on said:

    This is so overated I’m so tired of hearing about wendy (who knows about her husband since day one ) seriously!!! I don’t watch the show at all why not just take the show of of television period….we need a better show
    This is nothing new (totally bored)wife has cheater for husband who hasn’t been through this keep the man or dump him …🙄🙄🙄🙄

  24. Don’t know what to believe, I try to support her but I don’t like the way she talks about people. And that burping, belching and lip-smacking drives me crazy

  25. Carole Jackson on said:

    Wendy has.been acting strange and looking strange .i think health and marital problems are getting to her. I watch faithfully even though i dont like how she berates black men and women
    Show is entertaining but something has changed her for the worst
    Husband is a scoundrel and low life. He wants his cake and all the ice cream
    Wendy better get it together soon

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