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Christian Johnson, 19, was shot in the head and killed by a friend in December at his home while allegedly participating in the “No Lackin Challenge,” ABC 13 reports.

The “No Lackin Challenge” involves participants drawing guns on one another, with the term “lackin” meaning being caught without a firearm. “No Lackin” means being ready for any situation or confrontation.

Johnson’s 18-year-old friend Mohamad Alajil is now facing second degree manslaughter charges.

According to reports, Johnson and Alajil were in Johnson’s bedroom doing the “No Lackin Challenge.” When Alajil stretched out his arm and pointed the pistol at Johnson’s head, the trigger was pulled, and the gun went off, striking him in the head, reports ABC 13.

However Johnson’s family doesn’t believe that account.

“I think he should be charged with first degree murder,” the victim’s sister Shyra Estes-Johnson told the station. “He planned to come into my house and kill and rob my brother.”

A close fried of Johnson’s also disagrees with the alleged motive.

“We don’t point guns at each other. I never had a gun pointed at me. We don’t do that,” said Dominique Williams.

After the shooting Alajil reportedly dropped the gun and ran out of the house. Johnson’s two brothers tried to stop him, but he reportedly got away. Another witness called police later and gave a statement describing what had happened.

Alajil allegedly made no attempt to call police. When interviewed on Wednesday, he reportedly told investigators he and Johnson had been fighting and he shot the teen in self-defense. Later Alajil changed his statement, and told officers about the “No Lackin Challenge.”

“Of course my family is very, very pleased that they caught him. But we’re not pleased with the charges they made against him,” said Estes-Johnson. “We feel like it wasn’t a game, it wasn’t an accident. We felt like it’s straight murder, robbery.”

Alajil, is reportedly from Syria, and is not a US citizen. A judge set his bond at $250,000.

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8 thoughts on “Teen Killed In Alleged ‘No Lackin Challenge’ Shooting, Friend Charged With Manslaughter

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