Uh oh. The tea leaves are saying something’s up between Toni Braxton and music mogul Birdman. The two are supposed to be engaged, but after today, that doesn’t appear to be the case, anymore.

Both Birdman and and Toni have been posting what appear to be uncomplimentary cryptic notes (to each other) on social media and then deleting them!

Yep, somethin’ somethin’ is going down that looks like they are not on the same page. Literally and figuratively.

Not only have they put up cryptic messages that allude to a breakup, they both have also scrubbed their whole timelines clean, according to TheYBF.

Birdman clearly had something on his mind when he headed to  on Instagram Stories. He wrote:

“It’s over….” then quickly deleted it:

But check this out. After that bit of drama, he created even more by deleting every picture he’s ever posted to his account.

Then it was Toni’s turn to “go there” with her IG account, too.

She posted a picture of herself in a red dress with the caption:

“Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice…but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year.”

n any event, Toni went on to excise all of the snaps on her IG account as well.

Again, does “starting a new chapter” mean it’s over between them? Or, have they entered a new positive situation for themselves.

Here’s more from TheYBF:

Last month, The Every Day Is Christmas actress could hardly contain herself as she gushed over how good Birdman is to her. The 51-year-old singer dished to Wendy Williams about how they had two set wedding dates previously, but they fell through due to her demanding schedule. She said Birdman pretty much gave her an ultimatum to set a date before the New Year because he was ready to make it down the aisle. Maybe Toni didn’t come up with that wedding date and that pissed him off.

Not long after that interview, the “Un-Break My Heart” singer lost her engagement ring on a flight. Hmph. Birdman popped the question around this time last year and said he wanted to be married by year end. We first saw Toni flossing that huge diamond ring on her ring finger back in January 2018. She didn’t confirm the engagement news until a month later.

Again, what’s the deal with these two? Time will tell.

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