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(Taylor Dumpson; Screenshot: YouTube TedX)

A racist internet troll has settled a lawsuit filed by American University’s first black student body president after he helped a white supremacist website launch a vicious campaign of harassment and racial threats.

The Associated Press reports that Evan James McCarty has agreed to submit to “anti-hate training,” as well as offering an apology in writing and on video to Taylor Dumpson, who was targeted by McCarty and others on the Daily Stormer website, which is a website for white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

After Dumpson was elected as American University’s first black SGA president, Daily Stormer’s owner, Andrew Anglin, ordered his followers to threaten and intimidate Dumpson and her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters.

“No one feels safe around bananas,” Anglin wrote on his white supremacists site.

Dumpson faced racist graffiti, hate messages and even bananas tied with nooses on the Washington, D.C., campus. She eventually had to be guarded by campus police, about which Anglin’s site proudly posted a response article titled, “Ni***r Agitator Gets Police Bodyguards Because of Daily Stormer.”

McCarty harassed Dumpson on Twitter under the name “Byron de la Vandal,” an apparent nod to Byron De La Beckwith, who killed civil rights leader Medgar Evers in front of his home in 1963, the Associated Post reports. After one article publicized Dumpson’s whereabouts, McCarty tweeted: “READY THE TROOPS!”

So Dumpson, along with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, filed a lawsuit against Anglin, McCarty and another defendant, Brian Andrew Ade, for incitement of intentional infliction of emotional distress and/or conspiracy to do so; interfering with her right to equal opportunity to education; and bias-related incitement or conspiracy to commit stalking.

McCarty agreed to attend anti-hate training sessions for one year with a licensed therapist or a qualified counselor. He also agreed to take four academic classes on race and gender, complete 200 hours of community service promoting “racial justice and civil rights” and publicly denounce hate. He also has to apologize to Dumpson on video and allow her to show it to others as she advocates against hate.

Dumpson, who is now a student, will continue to pursue her suit against the other parties. Anglin and Ade have not responded to Dumpson’s lawsuit, and Tuesday’s settlement only applies to McCarty.

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15 thoughts on “White Supremacist Troll Forced To Publicly Apologize To Black Student He Harassed

  1. charles on said:

    Mac Dickface the DUMB SHIT continues to flow from your MOUTH.Take a trip to the WH and SUCK the ORANGE IDIOT OFF HE IS DUE FOR A DRAINING.

  2. I would NOT have accepted this RACIST TURDS apology.
    It would have fallen on deaf ears.
    I would’ve told him to take his half-ass apology and put it where the sun don’t shine!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    She did nothing to that racist troll except make him jealous that she’s better than him. Our Orange fraud isn’t being threatened by anyone like those racists threaten her. Naw he’s taking the verbal jabs that he gives others. Besides if it’s true, it’s true. #45 is orange. If he is so superior – why tan? #45 lies. He wakes up lying. #45 loves white people that are racists. If not, why embrace Andrew “racist” Jackson? I could give numerous examples, but that failure makes me sick to my stomach. Glad that young lady is pursuing justice. Maybe the House will get justice for the American people by getting that orange fraud out of office.

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