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Ivan Hampden Jr., 60, a two-time Grammy award winner and collaborator with Beyonce and Luther Vandross, is under arrest and accused of holding one of his adult students in sexual servitude over a four-year period, cbs17.com reports.

Hampden, owner of Hamptown Music Institute in Clayton, North Carolina, was arrested on December 5 and faces charges of five counts of sexual servitude and seven felony counts of disseminating obscenity.

He reportedly promised the 58-year-old victim a singing career then manipulated her to hold her as a sex slave beginning in 2014 till August of this year, authorities said.

According to officials, the victim took singing lessons at Hampden’s business. During some of those sessions, he would tie her up and record the various sex acts he performed with her and some of the video and images were then sent to the victim, the report states.

“There was some sort of manipulation that allowed these crimes to continue on for a lengthy point in time,” said police chief Blair Myhand, who added the encounters were not consensual.

The woman recently told a family member what was happening and that person helped her reach out to police.

Investigators said the items seized from Hampden’s home and business are “consistent with the sex acts described by the victim.”

Police said they have no evidence that there are additional victims, but they’re asking any other potential victims to come forward.

“If you’re involved in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and it doesn’t seem right, talk to someone about it to get their input or come see us,” Myhand said. “If someone didn’t commit a crime, you’re not going to get them in trouble. If they did, we want to help protect victims from further victimization.”

Hampden is being held in the Johnston County Detention Center on a $200,000 secured bond.

According to Hamptown Music Institute’s website, the Grammy winner has worked with the music greats such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Lopez.

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5 thoughts on “Ex-Luther Vandross, Beyonce Musician Accused Of Holding Student In Sexual Servitude For 4 Years

  1. Did it ever occur to that perhaps this 58 yr old was maybe easily led. Otherwise this could not have gone on for 4 yrs Ms Underwood.

  2. Dorva Underwood on said:

    58, really? At what point do some of these females, (especially the older ones) take responsibility for the role you played in this foolishness?

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