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Don Lemon is clearly fed up with Donald Trump‘s lies. Especially his claims that campaign finance violations conducted by his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, allegedly at Trump’s direction, are “just like what Obama did during his campaign.”

The CNN Tonight host said Monday that “I just want to scream at the television when I see” Trump and “his apologists” putting forward the theory.

“That is a flat-out lie. Legal experts will agree,” he added.

The Obama 2008 campaign “did miss filing deadlines” and “did not properly refund excess contributions, which they admitted, and they paid the fines,” Lemon explained. “Some of my guests will tell you, campaigns are fined for doing that all the time, sometimes there are clerical errors, sometimes there are other reasons.”

He then stated how that “is not the same, at all, as creating a shell company or using a media company to pay hush money for affairs with a porn star and a Playboy model during an election so that the voting public wouldn’t find out.”

“It is not the same at all. C’mon. Don’t be stupid. Don’t think people are stupid by pretending that is equal and the same thing. It is not,” Lemon added.