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NEW YORK (AP) — Police have given the all-clear after a phoned in bomb threat forced the evacuation of CNN’s offices in New York.

Police said a man with a southern accent called CNN just after 10 p.m. Thursday and said five bombs had been placed throughout the facility inside the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle.

Police said the building was evacuated and building security did a preliminary search. Police units then swept the building with the NYPD bomb squad on standby.

Outside the building, CNN’s Brian Stelter and Don Lemon continued to broadcast. Lemon said fire alarms rang and a loudspeaker told them they needed to evacuate during his live show.

In October, the building was partially evacuated after a suspicious package containing a crude pipe bomb was delivered to the company.

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4 thoughts on “All Clear After Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation Of CNN Offices

  1. When protesters were confronting Conservatives in restaurants and at their homes
    CNN said “protesters had a right to be heard” when Malt-Licka Max was telling her followers to “confront Conservatives any and every where make them feel unwelcome”
    CNN said “hey what’s wrong with that “ well reading this my response is those are my quotes as well LMAO

    • t courtney on said:

      You are truly a vile individual you are addressing Maxine Waters with no regard for respect for human beings. Making a statement to address your concerns to people and bomb threats are totally different in the context of a situation. As stated before you’ve been trolling for over six years with nothing but trash talk. If you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say or type anything, or better yet find a site for people with your mentality.

      • Well first of all “vile disgusting human being” is the same description I can give to you and those on this site that relentlessly trash the president his family and his cabinet members, I’ll give you some latitude since your obviously a product of the liberal clueless mindset, Mad Maxine disrespects herself she runs around babbling “impeach 45” to her mindless constituencies like you sounding like a senile old fool, apparently you were on a crack smoking binge when the Sanders supporter in protest shot the Representatives at the baseball practice or more recently ANFIFA members stormed Tucker Carlson home breaking in and terrorizing his wife, so you don’t like opposing views well welcome to the real world snowflake so yeah #what goes around comes around

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