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'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows' World Premiere

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Tis the season for celebs to give back! This time around it’s Tyler Perry playing Santa for families living in Atlanta.

On Thursday (Nov 6), the Hollywood mogul confirmed on social media that he donated a whopping $430,000 to two local Wal-Marts to pay off both stores’ layaway bills!

Tyler admitted he wanted for his act of charity to be anonymous, but given that “nothing can stay secret,” he felt the need to announce his good deed.

“I know it’s hard times, everyone’s struggling and I’m just really, really grateful to be able to be in a position to this,” Perry said in the video.

“So, God bless you, go get your stuff and merry Christmas.”

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, any items placed on layaway at the East Point and Douglasville stores before 9:30 a.m. Dec. 6, were included in Perry’s payments. Customers only have to one penny to pick up their items.

One of the store’s managers, Shamika, told the newspaper that she was “shocked” by the director’s generosity.

“I was shocked. It shows that we know there’s still good people in the world,” she said.





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8 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Pays $430K In Wal-Mart Layaway Bills

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    I am very happy for you all that have been a beneficiary of such. I saw a furniture store was working with a group in Baltimore to put furniture into the new (just received from this group) homes of displaced and homeless families. Beautiful, just beautiful. If all who could afford to do such, did such homelessness would be abolished, excetp by those who wish to be. GOD said we would always have poor people, but HE didn’t say that had to be homeless. Godbless Tyler and those of like mind.

    • Christianforreal on said:

      OMG Keepingitreal4real, You must have read my mind, totally. You spoke my truth. Don’t do layaway and I’m thinking I may have to do ANOTHER ParentPlus loan to get my senior through to graduation in June. I pray not, but maybe a Tyler Perry type will come through my area and pay off tuition loans!!! I’ll send him your way if that happens!

  2. Vanessa Ryland on said:

    That’s Great for those in the local area but we don’t have any celebrities in Kentucky, we never get this type of help, where it is desperately needed as well. That was truly a blessing for those folks Truly a blessing.

      • Joann Robinson on said:

        I agree I love Tyler Perry greatly but down South Carolina we have more people’s here that’s need HELP badly and maybe one day I hope the Lord will full filland pour a blessing here for the poor and needed and low income family’s here. God Bless you Mr. Perry job well done but please in your heart look at South Carolina. Thanks Truly Bless

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