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Police officer arresting a young man at night

Susan Chiang

An altercation involving employees at a Georgia Chinese restaurant and a diner who allegedly skipped the bill ended in a triple shooting Wednesday night, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Two employees of the Chinese restaurant followed a diner who “left without paying for food,” DeKalb police spokesman Sgt. J.D. Spencer told

“During the fight, one of the employees left and retrieved a firearm and subsequently all three individuals suffered gunshot wounds,” Spencer said in a statement.  “All three were transported to a local hospital, one individual in critical condition.”

The incident is still under investigation.

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14 thoughts on “3 Shot After Alleged Dine-And-Dash Incident

  1. the owner of this restaurant did the RIGHT thin. Let them go from the hospital to the jail. How cheap, tacky, low-class, ghetto, uneducated, and sorry do you have to be to dine in a restaurant then try to run out without paying? What does that say about YOU? This is so EMBARRASSING because it is yet ANOTHER black mark against African Americans. They think we all will do this and I for one, HATE IT…and YOU should hate it too. We (African Americans) don’t need this kind of cheap, tacky, low-class publicity and I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t feel the same way. Don’t chastise the restaurant owner….look at the people who did this stupid,juvenile thing. If you can’t afford to eat out, DON’T GO! Stop doing things that make us (African Americans look bad). I am only like you in color (sadly)…NOT in the way you live your life. KUDOS to the restaurant owner.

    • Amen! Then you have people on here who are just as blindly ignorant as these fools by defending them. As soon as stores don’t want to open in our neighborhoods or live amongst us; these same people scream racism. We are and will continue to be our own worst enemies until we wake up, take responsibility and cut ties with folks who look like us who don’t give a damn about destroying us. There’s way more of us black folk who want nothing more than to prosper than the trash amongst us who continue to hurt us. Time to drop the dead weight people.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Stupid, ignorant and dumb. The Chinese man with the gun is stupid. Instead of calling the coward cops, he gets a gun and “Mr want to shoot someone” for what a $20 meal (??) injured his own employee who is now in stable condition. Oh and Xin Xing Chen will probably do jail time. The ignorant employee who went with him to chase after dummy is laying up in a hospital for once again, a bill that totaled how much money(?). Now Big Dummy who wants a free meal, also winds up with an unexpected bullet. He didn’t expect to really run after filling up on Chinese food. Probably thought he would sneak out, then intimidate the little people and that was that. Now dummy is in custody for what …..once again a meal that couldn’t have been over $20. I went to St Louis with my family. We had a chance to eat at Sweetie Pies. Terrific food. You pay before you sit down to eat. Unfortunately, more business should go to that model. Shooting someone for dine and dash is ridiculous. However, small businesses are losing money because there are folks whose job it is to be dumb and sit around all day scheming on how to take something for free. This story was stupid, ignorant and dumb by all involved.

    • Lol!! Ted, that about summed it up!! People stay the hell away from that god, awful food unless you enjoy eating cats, rats and dogs!!! Gross!!

      • Ted Gravely on said:

        CMason – yeah, I didn’t touch upon how gross Chinese food is. A bunch of secret ingredients mixed with grease and rice. I see people at these Great Pandas, P.F. Chang’s and others like there is gold in there. You’re right stay away, far away……..

      • Mac Racist What percentage of crime is committed by you white people on the ID channel seven days per week twenty four hours per day. Maybe you should worry more about what percentage of crime you white people commit. We will see what percentage of crimes black people commit when Muller is finished.

      • If you think Blacks commit 90% of all crime in this country then you are delusional. You need to research & watch True crime statistics & documentaries like I’ve been doing for over 40yrs. No one ethnic group holds the record.

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