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While appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Friday night,Michelle Obama spoke about her best-selling memoir “Becoming,” and her time as the first BLACK First Lady in the White House.

As noted by TooFab, Colbert asked how she feels about the “next occupant of the Oval Office” being “indifferent” to ethic responsibility.

“I have been very clear how I felt about that, I gave a speech about it at the 2016 convention,” Obama explained. “The question we have to ask ourselves is, how does the country feel about it?”

“The country has to ask itself, what do we want, what is the bar we are setting for ourselves?” she continued. “What kind of moral leadership do we demand in the White House? If we vote for one set of behavior, then that’s obviously what we want, until we vote differently.”

“The margin of error was small, and we felt that,” she added. “Barack couldn’t golf. You know, we could just start there. There’s so much that would have been an outrage for us and we knew it. There wasn’t any room for anybody in our administration to be indicted… We had to be highly ethical. We showed our taxes, we divested our money. This isn’t shade. This is just the sort of stuff we had to think about doing. This isn’t shade, it’s truth.”

Mrs. Obama recalled the challenges of being the “example family” during her time at the White House.

“When you’re the first of anything the bar feels higher. You don’t have room to make mistakes,” she told Colbert.

The New York Times Best Seller also shared that she became quite emotional during her final flight on Air Force One.

“One of the things I don’t talk about in the new book, but I talk about on the road is that I do remember at the end of that last flight that we took out when I was leaving from the Capitol,” Obama said. “We waved and got on Air Force One for the last time… I cried for about 30 minutes.”

She added: “It was the release of eight years of feeling like we had to do everything perfectly. We couldn’t slip, our tone had to be perfect. That was the bar that was set for us.”

Watch the full interview via the clip above.

Michelle Obama Through The Years
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5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama On What Made Her Cry For ’30 Minutes’ Before Leaving The White House [Video]

  1. I’m finally able to get rid of Obama care. Feels great, just like when they left the office. Maybe they tried to be perfect but they ignored the American voter to hang with their famous friends and forgot about jobs, outsourcing and fair trade. Who does care? Oh yeah, Trump. And, that’s why the powerful want him out. #TRUMP2020

      • Howard Richison on said:

        Trump is doing his best to repair damages done by the democrats. Fix our military get the economy back up, done after 2016. What about the crookedness of the Clintions done uner his watch. Obamacare is a total flop cost went way up. People need to earn a living, not depend on socialism. look at other countries that have failed.

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