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Kenya Moores latest PR stunt might have gotten her banned for life from “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” BET. com reports.

The former BRAVO “housewife” allegedly crashed one of the tapings, which was a party for Cynthia Bailey where she debuted her new Peach Bellini drink with Seagram’s Escape.

A pregnant Moore allegedly confronted NeNe Leakes but a source explained to Radar Online: “That didn’t work because NeNe wants nothing to do with her.”

According to Atlanta Black Star, an insider said, “Kenya did not have a deal with Bravo or the production company to get compensated for being at Bailey’s ‘exotic escape’ party. She had been offered an appearance fee before the season started, for $1,500 each time she filmed, but she turned that down.”

In addition, “the editing won’t be done until the beginning of the new year, and the network might not want Kenya at all.”

Radar Online also reported, “Kenya overplayed her cards… She thought by showing up and creating drama it would get her back on the show. It won’t.”

Earlier this summer several reports claimed that Moore had been fired from RHofA. According to PEOPLE, the former beauty queen would not be returning to the show due to a “messy, lengthy contract negotiation.”

Kenya Moore gave birth to her first child on Sunday, November 4 — a daughter, who she named Brooklyn Doris Daly.

“Brooklyn because that’s where we met and fell in love, and Doris after my grandmother who passed away last year and who raised me,” the 47-year-old told PEOPLE.

The Struggle To Get Pregnant: Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams Are Former Enemies Who Have A lot In Common
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61 thoughts on “Here’s Why Kenya Moore May Be Banned For Life From ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

  1. Okay this is not true! Kandi posted on Instagram that she literally begged Kenya to come to the event for Cynthia! Who cares if she’s banned the show should be over after this season! Also Ne Ne hs beef with Lemya for no damn reason! Ne Ne didnt have beef with Kenya when she was borrowing Kenya’s furniture from her L.A. house! How soon we forget! Smh

    • Lynne Avisa on said:

      I have always been on Kenyas side. What she had spoken had come to light, as she said the last reunion. She didn’t get credit for that. Actually, had anyone noticed that it had come to light that Porscha is and had always been jealous of Kenya? From her looks ,the fact that Kenya has ALWAYSlooked better than porscha even at her age. In kenyas heyday, Porscha wouldn’t hold a torch ,candle or bic lighter to her hair(always said it was a weave-all Kenya all day)second age, too her hair, and now the pregnancy. Personally, I think she had always been in competition with Kenya.
      #bringkenya back
      #kenya from theD

      • Get a clue. Hollywood Producers worship youth. Kenya was getting too old and unlike Ne Ne and Cynthia she does not have enough acting or modeling creds in her past to carry a larger base. Her I’m better than all these dumb b—tches on the show simply did not go over well.

      • Dr. Jones on said:

        Who the hell cares about this BS, Get a Life. Real life is turning out to be stranger than fiction.

      • Leila Murphy on said:

        Porsha has o reason to be jealous of old lady Kenya moore.Porshia never started any trouble with me ya.Keny is highly jealous of a to be who she feels is just as attractive as she is .Kenya mean hateful and cruel from day one.She met her .atch.Her and Kandi Cynthia need to get off the show .KANDI hateful mean jealous and cruel unforgiving.

    • The sad demise of Atlanta Housewives will be because they ventured into taboo topics like lesbian sex, picking on Kim the lone white girl last year and Ne Ne trashing her husband for how he deals with Cancer. We wanted to like Evan but she is too damn messy. Not a good look. Kandi with her wide joker mouth is freakish but pretends to be normal and a victim of Phaedra’s rumor of the sex dungeon. We just don’t watch it anymore because their is not one likable relatable person on that show anymore.

  2. I think nene should stay. Vicky needs to be replace what she accuse Kelly Dodd of doing Cocaine accusing her in public and not being a good mother because that’s what she really meant. Apparently she’s not very secure about herself because she can’t seem to get a good man. The show is going downhill because Vicky is a liar and can’t even stand up to what she says. She needs to look at herself. We are not going to Watch the show anymore and friends and family are not going to watch the show We watch a show and we record it and we are now. Watching it but not anymore not a Vicky is on it .

  3. Lakiesha L Noble on said:

    Ronnie wife is boring to me. Too uppity n flashy. The show this season boring to me. The show has loss some points with me. Nene husband has my sugar support n prayers. I had to battle cancer as well. Ronnie thinks he knows everything. Eva being the messy one. Marlo loss that sit. Porsche is over dramstic with her stuff. Cynthia finally speaks up for herself. i feel todd is talking khandi into making more babies so he can stay around more if they divorce. These days if u make more money than the husband she go b paying him. He sees her as an opportunity. Not saying he dont care or love her. He can also b thinking bout future himself. Her mama saw it first.

    • Ronnie’s wife is boring? What planet do u reside on? That female told the whole world she and her husband had an open marriage with her doing other women with Ronnie right there in their bedroom. WTF is boring about that? Might be too Immoral and trashy for black households (cause blks tend to be spiritual or church goers) but boring is not the label for her.

  4. I recall several women coming on the show for Example Nene and Margo and let’s not forget about Kim. The show is for entertainment if there is no drama then ratings are low. What I am trying to say is that this is television they get paid to serve drama. The issue is that because Kenya is not the favorite then anything that she does is viewed as negative. If she is or isn’t married is between her and her man doesn’t make her evil just some crap is not of the public’s business. I wish her and her Mr.Daly and baby Brooklyn all the joy their hearts can handle and as always haters twirl on.

  5. Leila Murphy on said:

    So k of Kenya Moore when lst.came on the show she was highly conceited mean spirited jealous he’ll raiser , like she came to take over and had no respect for any one.Oh,so she finally found a man who would her and has a baby ,she’s suppose to be treated, like some Royalty.SMe mean girl messy, trouble maker,Hater.Still think she Ms.America.well why haven’t she ever had several big offers to be on other hit shows?One hit wonddr

  6. It is crazy that any and everything that Kenya does is viewed as negative. No matter what she does is frowned upon or someone claiming she’s a liar. She got married that’s a lie she had a baby that’s a lie. She is in a reality TV that depends on drama to have ratings and when she serves that full dish y’all wanna say she to much. To much is every season Porsha got a new man and has anyone noticed how ghetto she has become since her divorce. Excuse me but I am confused was the woman who wouldn’t enter a strip club or a loud obnoxious women fighting and swapping spit with different men considered cool. So while individuals wanna down play or call Kenya out for what ever choices she has made let’s remember each and every woman on the show ain’t no saint either.

  7. Brenda kennedy on said:

    So much hate in these comments as a black woman I think Kenya is a beautiful lady who added a lot of spark to the show she’s entitled to be happy like anybody else having a baby was her decision why put her down let’s build all our sisters upand encourage and support them I know we are better than that

    • Why are you feeling sorry for Kenya? She has dished out as much dirt as she has gotten. None of those women are good role models for black female unity. They need to stop the lesbian stuff, black households are mostly still conservative when it comes to stuff like that.

  8. Was she really Pregnant?.. Because I was watching the game show that Ice Cube Produce and she was on it I checked the date it was in May 2018 and her stomach was flat as a board.So how can this be when she had the baby November 2018?….

    • Because she would have only been like 3 months pregnant may to November is 6 month with my daughter I didn’t show until around 5 month and I’m almost 4 months now and not showing some ppl carry their pregnancy different and don’t show until later.

  9. Mary Jones on said:

    Understand folks in other countries women have pregnancies age 50 and up it is not uncommon…and give birth the good ole fashion way

  10. I so agree. Kenya does too much . She whined about having a family and she got that and she still isn’t happy. She lives for attention and drama and I guess having that family isn’t enough. Here season is up so she needs to sit down and enjoy what she has before she looses that.

  11. Kenya need to go and sit down somewhere and take care of that baby she been wanting and stop being so messes you to old for the. That 3 hour c-secion stop I had an emergency c-section too. Cuz of preclampsy my son was born 1pd 12 ounce, my surgery lasted about 30 min so stop lying. I am tried of Kenya move on everyone have a season in their life. For RHOA your’re happen to be done.

    • Not all women are the same wouldn’t you agree? My csection took 2 hours due my dead baby being wrapped around my reporductive system so they had to unravel it and remove my son. Don’t think cause you had a easy procedure others do as well. That would make you look stupid hun.

  12. Olivebeauty on said:

    I don’t give a fuck! I would never have a goddamed baby at 47, 50 or beyond. Who does that? This is ME and only ME. Never would i. If it didn’t happen, then its not meant to happen. Stop screwing with nature.

    • Well damn. I feel if your eggs still work and if you want a baby at the age of 40 then why not? Speaking from a woman that’s 36 and will have one at the the age of 40 or 50 if that’s in the blueprint of my life😒

    • Janice Young on said:

      If Kenya choose to have a baby at 47 or 57, it doesn’t matter because we are to be fruitful and multiply. As long as you can, it’s your choice. To each their own. It is never too late to go for your dream. She is finally living hers.

      • What you said sounds good in theory but in practice having at kid at 47 or 57 is short changing the kid. Kids take a lot of energy and care. Besides is it fair to leave a kid motherless if 57 year old mom dies to due old age and aging before they graduate from Highschool?

      • God used a teen virgin Mary to give birth to Jesus. Notice she was not a 40 or 50 year old aging woman. As for the bible verse Be Fruitful and Multiply that was God talking to Adam and Eve the Union he blessed not the mess of unmarried sexual bed hopping we have to date. After the Maury show YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER, that shet aint in the least bit cute.

  13. Beverly Green on said:

    So, I assume that ALL white woman mate with their fathers among random relative and have their children.Or that ALL white women or an example of 16 and pregnant unwed, drug addicts,having babies with multiple men welfare cases.Yeah!Before you start SPEAKING about black women! white women are 100%WORST.

  14. Motorcity on said:

    Wow. Try and enter the 21st century. She probably froze her eggs at 30 like thousands of other women. It doesn’t matter how old the uterus is. It’s the egg’s age that is determining and,I’m pretty sure she had the money and the sense to freeze hers. So it is not remarkable that a 47 year old woman got pregnant with 30 year old eggs.

      • It is sooo funny how the words NO SHADE are often followed by a comment filled with shade. It is tantamount to Pres. Donald Trump saying believe me right before a lie comes out of his mouth. LOL LOL LOL

  15. Christianforreal on said:

    People have babies safely at later ages. Janet jackson just recently had a healthy baby at age 50. people let’s be careful with these broad, general statements. One of the reasons that black people go through the crap that we go through is because of those broad, general statements. As “who dat” has mentioned before, we all do not watch that crap, let alone try to emulate it. I see some of these women from these reality shows and hear of the shenanigans in which they engage and am shocked, appalled and embarassed. The problem is that they seem to be the spokespeople for black women everywhere.

    • Janet Jackson has a billionaire husband with the money for the best doctors on fertility and good health. Most females are not Janet and do not have babies at 50. But nice try! Nothing against grandmothers having babies but a 50 year old needs energy to keep up with a toddle then run them all over place for school activities. Janet has the money for a Nannie if she tires out, most 50 years olds nearing retirement and a fixed income don’t.

      • OOPS, misspelled the word Toddler. As in most 50 years old cannot keep up with a Toddler full time.


  17. Mac Attack on said:

    Here is the problem, black women, aka hood rats, emulate the shiggidy behavior they see on these shows in real life. No wonder black men want nothing to do with them

    • Who dat on said:

      I guess that is why black women are dating outside their race in record numbers. All black women don’t look at these shows or try to emulate the ridiculous women on these shows. Where do you live and how do you meet women. You should probably go outside your comfort zone and meet different types of black women. To group us all in one category is small and ignorant. Just like most black men are uneducated drug dealing,10 kid having, hopeless raping animals. Not fair is it.

    • Bernie Jordan on said:

      Wow, black women hood rats, no wonder black men want nothing to do with us.??? You have alot of never printing that. Who died and named you emperor to sit in judgment to even begin to speak about what ALL black people think or act like. You’re a clown

    • Olivebeauty on said:

      U must don’t watch the other white housewives act just as bad, if worse. So i guess mac daddy ur back still making the same old racist ignorant comments. White women, the weakest species on earth, the most docile animals and the nastiest creatures alive. Thats why black ass negroes go after them, because of the traits i have listed. They can’t handle a strong black women. Maybe these negroes should talk to their mammas about the ways of white women.

      • U don’t know all white women. Too bad you fail to realize black women need Allies to help fight the oppression in this racist Trump reality. White and black women working together is much more effective against racial injustice and unequal pay for females. MLK need that and invited other races to join in for black Civil Rights.
        Loved it when MKL Jr. said you can’t keep a man down unless you get down there in the dirt with him. In other words, If one race is treated unjustly we as a society will ultimately suffer for that because sowing and reaping & cause, reaping bad Karma and effect is a universal truth in every religion. I’ve met good white people and good black people. Horrible whites and horrible blacks. The best friend I ever had turned out to be another race. Paid my medical bills and ped me when I was sick as a dog and my same race friends did not do sh–t to help me. Don’t let racist make you a racist. U could be cutting off your blessings that way. Best of luck to you.

      • OOPS, meant to say MLK Jr. did that. As in included other races in his battle for justice and civil rights.

      • OOPs did it again. Been up all night and making typos. I meant to say a friend of another race helped me and paid not only my medical bills but bills the whole year and not one black friend did that. Don’t limit your blessings and friendships based on same race is my point.

      • Allow me to add this one last comment. Cause and Effect, Sowing and Reaping is real so if ones life is a mess self inspection is good to do.

    • Cynthia Wilson on said:

      Lol wow the hate is real. Ima black woman with a PhD and my black husband is a surgeon. Our black children are very successful. One is a civil rights attorney and the other owns his own Insurance practice. Smh @ the blatant ignorance.

    • Great, your mom gave birth to you at 50 but average that is not the case for most women who usually give birth much younger. You are the exception not the rule.

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