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Eva Marcille first made her reality TV appearance on cycle three of America’s Next Top Model. She was shorter than the rest of her lanky competitors, but her ferocity, undeniably beautiful face and innate modeling talent made her an unforgettable force.

However, during her stint on the show, she earned the nickname “Eva The Diva.” To quote one of the other contestants on that season, ‘I didn’t even know you were a b*tch.” She won that season and scored high-profile modeling contracts in the aftermath. “The Diva” had seemingly disappeared until Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Eva joined RHOA season 10 and had enough of a story line and personality to secure a peach this go-round. But we’ve noticed an upward tick in her mean girl behavior and so have the other girls. During a game of “pass the peach,” Marlo labeled the newlywed a “future liar.” She immediately jumped out her seat, which led to a shade-throwing session and ultimately, Marlo calling her basic.

While we’re not going to go as far as calling Eva basic – she is a successful Black model, who earns her keep through her career – we can recognize her behavior as off-putting, especially when it comes to her shady comments toward Cynthia Bailey.

In case you don’t remember, Eva broke it to Cynthia that her ex-boo might have been dating another woman, but Cynthia took her boyfriend’s aside and questioned Eva’s intentions. All of which could have led to Eva feeling a way about Cynthia that’s carried over to this season. Eva constantly throws subs at Cynthia when it’s clear Eva is not on Cynthia’s radar, from insinuating that she’s old to her paying for a man to date her.

Eva was the seed of a rumor that Cynthia was paying her new beau but when she was confronted about it, Eva backpedaled.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 11

Then there were her shady comments to Marlo.

“I know of Marlo, and I’ve seen Marlo multiple times at different events. How I lie? I have no idea, but what I do lie is on my bed, comfortably, next to my man. I’m sorry, where do you lie, Marlo? Next to who? Silence? Okay,” she told cameras. She also told us she knew Marlo before the show.

“[Nene] thought it would be a really cool idea if I got to know some of her friends, who really shook up the street of Atlanta. One of them being Marlo Hampton, who I actually knew prior to joining the Housewives,” Eva told us in a 2017 interview while promoting a TV One movie and upcoming debut on RHOA. “I keep my daggers sharpened. I’m the pop-off friend but I’m not the petty friend.”

And despite both Eva and Shamea apologizing to one another at Cynthia’s “Love & Light” ceremony, it seems like Eva isn’t letting it go.

“Cynthia’s directive was to bring a plus one,” Eva said during one of her confessionals. “But no, [Porsha] brings Lauren and…and…” She went silent and refused to say Shamea’s name before motioning to sip tea.

Kandi stepped in to confirm Eva’s shady behavior. “I love you, Eva, but I’m about to give you that peach. The other day, you shaded the hell out of Shamea, and now you fixin’ bean dip today.”

Even NeNe called Eva’s behavior “stupid.”

Eva definitely kept those daggers sharp and perfected her throw. With the constant bickering between the cast, is Eva rightfully in her element?




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