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(Miami Herald)

Raimundo Atesiano, the former Biscayne Park, Florida police chief who directed his officers to frame innocent black men for a series of unsolved burglaries, was sentenced to three years in prison by a federal judge.

Atesiano was found guilty of conspiracy of depriving multiple people of their civil rights. He had encouraged his officers to pin unsolved burglaries on any African American with “somewhat of a record” in order to keep his record perfect and please community leaders, according to the Miami Herald.

His actions resulted in a 16-year-old boy being falsely charged, as well as a Haitian man who was illegally jailed and ultimately deported.

According to the Miami Herald, Atesiano told the judge, “When I took the job, I was not prepared…I made some very, very bad decisions.”

From the Herald:

In September, Atesiano pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge of depriving the three suspects of their civil rights because he and the officers charged them without a legal basis. Atesiano’s conspiracy conviction carried up to 10 years in prison.

This followed guilty pleas from officers under Atesiano in August.

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17 thoughts on “Former Police Chief Who Framed Multiple Black Men Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

  1. Tad Wonder on said:

    Not enough time for what him and his cronies did to innocent black men ruining their lives. I hope he had to forfeit his pension and retirement pay. I hope they go up in his azz with no Vaseline!!!

  2. Tad Wonder on said:

    Not enough time for what he and his cronies did to innocent black men. I hope he also loses his pension and retirement pay. And I hope they go up in his azz with no Vaseline!!!

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    SADLY, Ted you are correct. And Chastity had it right. He and his cronies should get 2 years for every one year these men received after the false convictions. The problem is that he probably had a much better lawyer than those poor black and brown men that they falsely charged.

  4. What happened to the 10 years that this crime warranted? But then Karma is a sure nuff Bitch and he will get more time than he can handle – – I just hope Big Bubba is his jailmate – Oh Yeah! In The Heat of the Night!!

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    And sadly, he represents a fragment of white racist and brown boot lickers who have been doing this to black men for years probably decades. Where there’s smoke there’s fire I’m sure the men he was sentenced for framing only scratches the surface of the wrongfully charge, incarcerated black men who have suffered at the hands of this mad man. 3 years is not damn near long enough for taking someone’s freedom and ruining their life. A black man can get 25 years for a non-violent drug offense but he only gets 3 years slap on the risk for abuse of power and intentionally enslaving human beings.

  6. Chastity on said:

    They should have added together all of the time that each of the men he framed were sentenced to and sentenced him to that many years.This POS really got off easy.

  7. Ted Gravely on said:

    Raimundo is a slave. He is the white man’s dog. Raimundo was too stupid to know that he was a sacrificial lamb. They knew he was stupid and corrupt and they threw him away like trash to ensure we don’t think their corrupt arses are deeply rooted. Don’t fall for the okie doke black folk, this is the tip of the iceberg. White criminal law enforcement officers are doing this everyday. They’re planting drugs/guns, lying on forms, making illegal stops, ect. A badge is nothing more than a plantation owner. The black man with the badge going along and co-signing onto the corruption is your modern day Black overseer. Don’t ever trust these clowns. Start videoing as soon as they approach you, drive by or tail you. Never answer their questions – always request an attorney- always. They are liars and thiefs. Yes I’m painting with a broad brush, because until I see their partners turn in the crooks, they are all crooks. That fool only got 3 years for ruining and stealing lives. Racism is alive and well.

  8. The POS PIG should’ve received much more PRISON TIME!!!!!!!!

    This incident should make folks wonder how many other times did HE framed INNOCENT people.

    A thorough investigation needs to be conducted. Many convictions may eventually be OVERTURNED.

    I hope they put his ass into general population where HE can receive some good ole
    Prison JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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