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She decided to title the book Becoming because, “it’s a good title for young people to understand,” she explains. Mrs. Obama hopes that the book inspires people who are in their 20s and 30s, who “feel like they should have it all together.” Readers will see that she is 54 and still growing and becoming.

The book includes personal stories and conversations from the family and Mrs. Obama says she”didn’t take one thing out.”

A number of people have been wondering if she’ll running for president but she denies it. Saying, politics today are “divisive,” and she feels that she “can do more without an R or a D” behind her name. Unfortunately, “the minute you claim a party you exclude like half of the country,” she explains.

Mrs. Obama has grown to recognize that she has “a lot in common” with a number of different people and doesn’t want “politics to prevent” her from making an impact on people.

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