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Mia Love was loyal to the Republican party, and even President Donald Trump, but now she is learning they have no love for her. After attacking Democrats, she is now sounding like one and demanding in a lawsuit that every vote must be counted.

According to CBS News, “Republican Rep. Mia Love sued to halt vote counting in the Utah race where she is trailing her Democratic challenger by a razor-thin margin, saying her campaign must be allowed to issue challenges if they dispute the validity of mail-in ballots.” Her opponent to be the U.S. Representative for Utah’s 4th congressional district, Democratic challenger Ben McAdams, was only ahead by 900 votes. He said her lawsuit “smacks of desperation.”

This might be a hard win for Love.

“Attorneys pushed back in court documents, arguing state law gives the campaign no right to interrupt the vote count, and letting the campaign question signatures could violate voters’ rights by revealing who they cast their ballots for,” according to CBS.

Unlike the other close races in Georgia and Florida where the results of being questioned due to voter suppression in plain sight, no Republicans were advocating for Love. Trump said just a day after the election, “Mia Love gave me no love and she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that Mia.”

Love’s campaign has not been easy. She was in hot water with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) over her team improperly raising more than a million dollars for a primary election that was never expected to happen.

A judge was expected to make a decision on her lawsuit on Monday.


Black Republican Mia Love Sues To Not Lose Utah Race To A Democrat was originally published on newsone.com

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