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Stevie Wonder’s son, Kailand Morris, posed for a fun photo shoot with girlfriend Maddie Ziegler. In the photos, taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, the chemistry between the young couple is undeniable.



The 16-year-old Dance Moms star and 17-year-old Morris son posed for Shields, and are featured in whimsical shots of the two together and separate, The Blast reports.

The couple reportedly met this summer on the set of Dancing With The Stars: Juniors, and hit it off.

The two reportedly just having fun hanging out and aren’t yet taking things too seriously yet. Kailand posted a photo earlier this month of him and Ziegler with a few friends at Disneyland, and it appears they are really enjoying each other’s company.

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8 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder’s Son Kailand Morris & GF So Adorable Photo Shoot [SEE INSIDE]

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