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Mario Hobson, 31, was killed on Aug. 13 about being shot multiple times by 2 police officers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There has been outrage over his death and the police have released body cam footage.

The edited and nearly 5-minute video shows the incident began with a traffic stop. Hobson is a passenger and he gets behind the steering wheel when the driver is ordered out of the vehicle. Hobson was reported wanted for domestic violence and a probation violation warrants.

As Hobson drives off one officer is knocked to the ground. The officers get in their car but lose him during the chase. They find him again later that day in a passenger back seat of a SUV that is double-parked. One of the officers opens the rear driver’s side door, Hobson exits with a gun to his head and says he is going to kill himself. As he is holding a gun to his head, Hobson turned toward Milwaukee police officers and was shot.

See the disturbing video below:

The shooting is under investigation by the Milwaukee Area Investigative Team but Milwaukee. Police Chief Alfonso Morales said at a news conference on Thursday about the release of the video, “This was not an easy decision. This video was not created to embarrass or upset the members of the deceased family or the officers involved. But because I am committed to improving community relationships.” On the status of the investigation, he stated, “I am pleased to say that although we have a long way to go, we are making progress.”

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