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The halftime show at a Nov. 2  Georgia high school football game caught spectators by surprise when one of the schools bands spelled out the word “coon.”

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some Brookwood High band members assembled themselves to spell out the racial term using instrument covers that are normally used to spell “broncos,” the school mascot.

In a letter to students, parents and the community Brookwood Principal William Bo Ford Jr. apologized for the “completely unacceptable, racial term.”

Ford explained how the incident took place:

“For those of you who have attended our games, you may have noticed that the sousaphones (a brass instrument similar to a tuba) wear covers in the stands to show school spirit. The covers spell out BRONCOS and some of them feature our Bronco mascot. Our band does not wear these covers on the field because they shield the sound and because during the halftime show our band members move around the field and do not stand in the same order as they do in the stands. That said, last night during what was already a very busy senior night, we experienced several personnel challenges that resulted in our band director not being on the field when the band took the field. 

With that in mind, when the sousaphone players took the field, they did not follow band rules and normal practice, and instead, they left the covers on their instruments.” 

In the apology, Ford said, the event is under investigation there will be “disciplinary action with the students involved.”

He wrote:

“Not only was the appearance of this term during our halftime show hurtful and disrespectful to audience members, it also was disappointing, as it does not reflect the standards and beliefs of our school and community. We are a very inclusive community and we care about all of our students. We are concerned that this situation occurred and are committed to taking steps to ensure this does not happen again.” 

Ford didn’t mention if there will be any actions taken against school staff but said halftime procedures will be reviewed.

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21 thoughts on “High School Band Spells Out Racial Slur During Halftime Show

  1. No matter what races the 4 kids were (NONE were white,) black folk are still going to continue blaming whites. Same thing when Trayvon Martin was killed by a Hispanic.

    When will blacks wake up, and realize they have become even more racist than those that they hate. Hate is always the only winner.

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      Joe…Please note that Mac Daddy, Mac ???, Jhuf and other like-minded racists are strongly fascinated with Black people. Therefore, they cannot imagine leaving this website and going solely to their own type of racist website. I sincerely believe that they are so intrigued with us until it turns them on when we give the attention. They admire us so much that they’ll remain dedicated to seeking our interest.

    • Thadius Thomas on said:

      Per AJC all 4 students were minorities…”two black, one Asian, and one Hispanic — told administrators that they thought what they did would be funny”…

      • No matter what races the 4 kids were (NONE were white,) black folk are still going to continue blaming whites. Same thing when Trayvon Martin was killed by a Hispanic.

        When will blacks wake up, and realize they have become even more racist than those that they hate. Hate is always the only winner.

  2. In Jackson, Ms a couple of weeks ago a band did a reenactment of the movie John Q in its halftime show where they were dressed in outfits pointing pistols at cops,well in the city that they did this in 2 cops had been gunned down so there was outrage, the band director was fired and the students cannot perform and they calling that just, now I would like to see how this is handled.

  3. JOSEPHINE THOMAS on said:


  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    Brookwood High School Principal Bo Ford sent out a letter Monday delving into the investigation of a racial slur spelled by some school marching band members during a halftime show Friday night.

    “After extensive interviews with many students, we have determined that three seniors intentionally planned and executed the use of the sousaphone covers to spell out a completely unacceptable, racist term,” Ford said. “The fourth student, a junior, who carried one of the letters spelling out the word, appears to have gone along with the plan at the last minute.”

    According to Ford, the four students, two of whom are black, one of whom is Asian, and one of whom is Hispanic, said it was intended as a joke.

    What more can be said? Minorities thinking that spelling out the word “Coon” at a halftime show would be hilarious. I bet the parents are still laughing.

    • That’s what integration has done to our kids. For 2 black nearly adults to disgrace themselves and families for a joke? They have lost their identities. Just like some have found the wrong ones. Youth of all races are struggling.
      Look at the comments of those adults, who claim to be black on this website. Lost!

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        This is a side effect of integration. It was clear early on that blacks, across the board, could not compete academically with whites , Asians, or even Hispanics. The only options other than sports was to integrate by doing coon acts like these

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