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The alleged baby mama of NeNe Leakes oldest son, Bryson Bryant, claims he hasn’t been paying child support and accuses him being a deadbeat who abuses drugs.

Symone Davis alleges that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star wants nothing to do with her one-year-old grandchild.

Davis accuses Leakes of being a “selfish” woman who only cares about fame. Nene considers Symone an opportunist looking to make a come up off the reality star’s name. 

“Nene wants to keep my baby a secret,” Davis told Radar Online. “She has some nerve and told me she thinks I’m an opportunist and that she doesn’t want me to have any fame from her name. It’s crazy because I used to like her and be cool with her. I’ve been to her house, we’ve partied together. She was cool at first, but now that I’ve had a baby by her son, she switched up.”

Davis says she has tried for months to get Bryant to pay child support for their child, Blaze Kai Davis, but she tells the gossip site exclusively that “He’s been dodging me left and right every time I’ve tried to have him served with papers to pay child support for our son,” Davis, 27, alleged to Radar. “It’s just pathetic. He doesn’t have a stable home and jumps from place to place since NeNe kicked him out, and it’s costing me time and money trying to have him served.

Bryant has a 6-year-old daughter named Bri’asia that he shares with ex-girlfriend Ashley Hill, and Leakes is a proud “Glam-ma” to the little girl. But when it comes to Blaze, Davis would like Leakes to step up and be more involved with the child’s life.

According to the Division of Child Support Services in Canton, Georgia, Davis filed documents on May 5th requesting that Bryant pay child support.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta return to Bravo on November 4th.