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Kelly Rowland has a message for her brown-skinned sisters and the rest of the world – she’s still chocolate. The Destiny’s Child singer was accused of bleaching her skin after she appeared shades lighter in a recent photo shoot. Rowland, who’s become a beauty icon as well as being a Grammy-winning singer got on Instagram Live to dispel the rumors.



Though Rowland’s critics may have a point that recent photo shoots do seem to show a much lighter singer, a casual viewing of her Instagram dispels those concerns. Rowland does look lighter depending on the light source, something that happens commonly. Barack Obama is much browner in person that most people think, as is, reportedly, Meghan Markle.

Cameras, makeup and varying lighting can change the look of a celebrity’s complexion. (I’ve seen Rowland up close in person and although it was some years ago, she was a rich chocolate-brown at the time.)

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Hello Lover! 💋

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Here are some recent Instagram photos that dispel rumors of her alleged bleaching:

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Oh Hi Monday!!

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5 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland Responds To Skin Bleaching Claims

    • I know but I was also giving other reasons why some of ours skin can lighten up. It can be a lot of things. That is my point. I use to sell Mary Kay for 10 years and Avon in my spare time. You can believe it is having facials, makeup, lighting, etc that can make someone look lighter.

  1. I agree Kelly. ALso, when a person can afford to use skin cleanser and beauty products to clean the skin, tone, moisture, etc, people especially blacks and other people of color, skin takes on a clearer tone. I stayed in the sun when growing up but when I grew up, start tending to my skin with beauty products in trying to clear up acnc scars, pimps, etc, my skin tone cleared up and lighten a little as well. Also, bleaching creme does not make you look white (in fact, using a bleaching crème can make you darker if you go out in the sun using it and when you stop using it. It clears the skin and give it an even tone but it does NOT make you white. People need to know what they are talking about when discussing bleaching crèmes. A white person can use a sun tone crème to get a tone but he/she will NOT turn black and the cooper tone will fade out in time. Same thing.

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