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NEW YORK (AP) — Megyn Kelly was absent from her NBC News morning show on Thursday following this week’s controversy over her comments about blackface, amid indications that her time at the network could be ending after less than two years.

An NBC spokeswoman said that “given the circumstances,” the network was airing repeats of “Megyn Kelly Today” on Thursday and Friday.



During a segment about Halloween costumes on Tuesday, Kelly defended the use of blackface while discussing a character on “Real Housewives of New York City” who darkened her face for a Diana Ross costume. She said it was acceptable when she was a kid when portraying a character.

Social media condemnation was swift, and Kelly apologized to fellow NBC staffers in an email later in the day. Yet both NBC’s “Nightly News” and the “Today” show did stories on their colleague’s comment. Al Roker said “she owes a big apology to people of color across the country.”

She opened Wednesday’s show by saying she was wrong and sorry for what she said.

“I have never been a PC kind of person, but I do understand the value of being sensitive to our history, particularly on race and ethnicity,” she said.

The reference to political correctness in a discussion about blackface struck some critics as odd, along with the show’s cameras panning over the audience giving her a standing ovation for nearly 20 seconds.

Kelly jumped from Fox News Channel to NBC in early 2017, but it hasn’t been a comfortable fit. Her one-hour morning show has never caught on with viewers, except for a brief bump when she aggressively covered reports about sexual misconduct, and Kelly was said to be unhappy with the amount of lighter material expected of a 9 a.m. show.

Kelly did not respond to an email request seeking comment.

She met with NBC executives within the past month about dissatisfaction with the show’s direction, according to a person close to Kelly who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss personnel matters.

Kelly last month publicly called for NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack to appoint outside investigators to look into why the network didn’t air Ronan Farrow’s stories about disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein and allowed him to take the material to the New Yorker. That’s a particular sore point with NBC’s management.

She was also unhappy that accounts of Lack criticizing her for the blackface comments at an NBC internal town hall meeting became public, and fired her agent out of concern that his company’s representation of NBC News President Noah Oppenheim would be a conflict of interest, said the person close to Kelly. Yet the likelihood that a news executive’s comments before a roomful of journalists would remain secret is remote.

NBC representatives said they had no comment beyond the discussion of why Kelly wasn’t on the air Thursday.

All of this points toward a likely exit from NBC by Kelly, who has found it difficult to maintain a loyal constituency. Many of her former Fox News Channel viewers were upset by a perceived disloyalty in leaving and her clashes with President Donald Trump during his campaign. At the same time, her former association with Fox caused some NBC colleagues and viewers to regard her with suspicion.

Kelly’s viewers were given no reason for her absence; a notice on the screen said the show was “previously recorded.”

There were indications that the plans had come about quickly. “Happy Friday,” she said at the opening of the taped show on Thursday.

“The Real Housewives of New York City” episode aired this spring on the NBC-owned Bravo network, with character Luann deLesseps wearing a gigantic Afro to portray Ross. After criticism surfaced about her costume, she said she was tanned and used a bronzer, but was not trying to appear in blackface.

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15 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Door Hit You: Megyn Kelly Off The Air, Reportedly Out At NBC

  1. ladydayforever on said:

    Tamara Hall payback that cost NBC millions and MK is going to fight for the rest of her dollars as promised by NBC, yes now pay up to the racist that you hired from Fox.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for Kelly or NBC. What were NBC thinking? They should have known a leopard cannot change its habitat. NBC treated Tamara Hall like dirt for that know nothing Kelly and her salary was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Remember GOD don’t like UGLY.

  3. This [her racists nature] was inevitable to happen. NBC knew what she was about. I saw her on FOX and it only took 5min to see where she was coming from. I never watched her again. Simple!

  4. Hey Jhuff if She would of said what she said on fox news it never would have gotten a second look she should go back there, where hate lives or see if trump needs another spokesperson always room for hate and ignorance there. She will always have a platform for ignorance

    • you mean like Don Lemon on CNN and his “minstrel show” comment or Joy Reid on MSNPC with her racist /homophobic tweets and comments

      • Just Sayin' on said:

        Another white Trump supporter masquerading as a Republican person of color trying to sow discord on our site. Why don’t you give up? We have “peeped your hold card” and see you for what you are: an angry man who sees himself as a victim and believes Trump’s hype. You can’t hurt us, you cannot destroy us. Only your self-pitying self. You think that by posting here you are causing infighting and mistrust among us but it is you who are destroying yourself. Your posts make us stronger, more united, more determined that come November 6, we will arise and deal you and your kind a mighty political blow across this magnificent country of ours. We will survive. We will thrive. And in two years, will come a new president who will erase all of Trump’s hatred and bigotry. We will persevere and endure, no matter how many attacks you launch against us. Deal with it.

  5. oh well she should have known you have to be black or liberal to get away with something like that…hey NBC maybe you can get The Alec Baldwin Show to take her place

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