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(Fort Valley State)

Seven people have been charged with operating a prostitution ring at Fort Valley State University.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Alecia Jeanetta Johnson, the graduate advisory to a sorority on campus, is accused of being the ringleader and setting up the meetings between the men and young women. Johnson allegedly used her position to supply women to clients, reportedly so they could save money for their sorority fees.

The Constitution reports, warrants were issued for:

  • Ernest Harvey, 47, of Fort Valley, an assistant principal in charge of discipline at Huntington Middle School in Houston County.
  • Kenneth Howard, 56, of Fort Valley, the city manager of Hinesville.
  • Ryan Jenkins, 35, of Fort Valley.
  • Charles Jones, 57, of Fort Valley, a former attorney for Fort Valley State.
  • Devontae Little, 26, of Warner Robins.
  • Arthur James Nance Jr., 46, of Cordele, the vice chairman of the Crisp County Board of Commissioners and a local pastor and mortician.

Each are charged with pandering and solicitation of sodomy stemming from conduct alleged to have occurred in 2017 and 2018.

Fort Valley State released a two-paragraph statement Friday afternoon saying its first priority is the safety of its students while noting University System of Georgia immediately investigated when university officials learned about the allegations in April.

“We have consistently and aggressively worked with the University System of Georgia and law enforcement to ensure that anyone who allegedly puts our students at risk is investigated thoroughly and expeditiously, and have advocated for the most appropriate standards to be applied. While we cannot comment on the details of an ongoing investigation, we expect anyone who has compromised the trust of our students to be held accountable with all deliberate speed,” it said.

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9 thoughts on “7 Charged in Fort Valley State Prostitution Ring

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Gives higher learning new meaning. The adults in this case are the only ones that should be held responsible. Although the young women are of age, they obviously were easily manipulated by an elder trickster. I read on another site that this is being referred to as an AKA Prostitution ring. The oldest most prestigious sorority should not have to suffer this shame. Now as for the “alleged” ringleader, Ms Alecia Jeanetta Johnson. If this is true, why would a beautiful educated respectable professional woman degrade her, her family, the school and students? They’re calling her a pimp. That will be tagged to her name for life. AKA -yes (until the sorority strips her of that privilege). College Graduate – yes. Professional – yes. Pimp – yes. She better get a good attorney and fight like hades. Ms Johnson just destroyed a lot of young women and her Family name – for what?

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