The O’Jays Have New Music For The First Time In 20 Years!


The legendary O’Jays have been around for decades, they’ve had 9 platinum albums and a number of number one hits!

After 20 years they’re back with new music! The new album, called The Last Word will be released in February 2019. Walter Williams and Eddie Levert told the Tom Joyner Morning Show they called it The Last Word because this will be their last album.

Williams says the single, Above the law is about “the unbelievable things that are happening” today. Like the drama with the Trump administration, and racism.

Tom doesn’t believe they’re actually retiring, but we shall see. They say they’d like to go on a retirement tour, and Tom has decided that he want’s to join the tour. So we’ll all be on the look out for the “Tom Joyner and the O’Jays Tour.”

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5 thoughts on “The O’Jays Have New Music For The First Time In 20 Years!

  1. Karl Crosby on said:

    O’Jays, if this is their last. I hope they take time and make it great like the others. If they are really retiring they will be missed. They did a lot for music in the R&B genre. Truly a great group.

  2. Yvonne Scott on said:

    The O’JAYS ARE my most cherished group of all time. They get it when we say can someone stick to Rythym and. Blues. I also miss Gerald and Shawn. Those kids of Eddie’s were trained extremely well. He is a great father. They never had to look for him because he was always there. Yvonne. Scott Seabrook Texas

      • Yvonne Scott on said:

        I know Kates. Sometimes, all you can do wait is for the old school to help get us thru the day. I’ve learned to just say Jesus please take the wheel. This music you hear is to outlandish or depressing. I love gospel music.

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