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An open Bible on a pedestal

Source: Diane Macdonald / Getty

Bible study can be held inside churches, community centers and many other places. It’s where people can come together talk about God and discuss certain passages in the Bible. According to CBN News, a retired minister could possibly face eviction for holding Bible study in his apartment.

Ken Hauge is being supported by First Liberty as they try to fight for him to conduct Bible study at his senior living community. Many of the residents wanted Hauge to start it because they’re unable to attend church. Having Bible study at the senior living community was going to bless them.

From week to week the Bible study group got bigger and they asked to use the community room. They were allowed at one point and then were told they couldn’t. Hauge was informed by management that if he continued, he would be evicted from his apartment.

He said, “For my wife and I, it’s sort of like resting in the eye of a hurricane. In the eye of the hurricane, it’s peaceful and quiet, just don’t get up against the walls.”


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