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Ben Jealous is running for Governor of Maryland! His race is different because it’s not “candidate versus candidate, it’s candidate versus incumbent.” This makes it different because the voters already know Larry Hogan.

Reports have been saying that Jealous doesn’t have a shot at winning, but he says that’s not true. Jealous told Roland Martin on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that in Maryland, Democrats outnumber Republicans. It’s also the third easiest state for Democrats to take back.

Despite the reports, Jealous is “going to push ahead.” His team knows their message is strong, they just need to get it out there! They have bought ad space recently to do that, but need more.

According to Jealous, the Democratic Governors Association has not been helpful. He says his “campaign is funded by people,” the average donation he’s received is $42.

This campaign is, “of, for, and by the people.” You can show support by clicking the link below to donate to his fund.

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