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A 4-year-old girl came home from her Bronx daycare with a disturbing surprise — a handful of crack cocaine, and the drug in her system.

local NBC affiliate reports that Sabrina Straker, the girl’s mother, was shocked when her daughter (Serenity) told her that she put a vile of the drug in her mouth. Now, mom is calling for the daycare to be shut down!

According to the report, when Serenity came went home from Lil Inventors Child Care unusually hyper and with strange capsules in her hand, Straker said her child told her that another kid in the daycare gave her his “teeth,” but when she looked at the capsules, she knew something was wrong.

Straker immediately took the capsules to local police and after running some tests, narcotics detectives confirmed that they were crack cocaine. Serenity admitted that she had put one of the capsules in her mouth, but spat it out. Still —  she was rushed to the hospital, where she tested positive for the drug.

“She could have died if she ingested this,” Straker told PIX News. “I was furious.”

Lil Inventors Child Care Director Yvette Joseph said someone allegedly threw the capsules over the fence and one of the kids picked it up.

“We checked our center thoroughly and all of the children are safe,” Joseph said.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident and the family of the child who handed the capsule to Serenity.

Meanwhile, Straker wants the daycare closed.

“No one was watching the children,” she said. “There are 15 kids in the room with two teachers and two aides, where were they when this was going on?”

Police are investigating the incident.

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5 thoughts on “4-Year-Old Tests Positive For Crack Cocaine After Bringing It Home From Daycare [Video]

  1. Shana Blacknall on said:

    The aide supposedly saw the person throw it over the fence. Why didnt she go and investigate what it was that wad thrown over the fence. You just watch the child pick up something that was thrown over your fence? Im soo glad my children has aged out of daycare. These care takers don’t take their jobs serious enough for me. At my daycare a child can’t pick up nothing not even a flower, rock, or piece of grass without me asking what’s in their hand. Thank God for her observant mother and her quick response.

  2. It sounds to me like the child she got the drug from was the problem. Kids even at that age are sneaky, they are taught the sneakiness from home (parents, or whoever they are watching) child may have knew what it was and waited until the teachers were not looking and gave it to her. Yes, a full investigation needs to be done at the Daycare and at the home of the child that gave it to her. God please continue to bless the child that is positive and continue to bless the parents. A special prayer for the child that gave her the drugs. That he or she will be taken from the environment and given to someone that would love and take care of child. Amen!

  3. tedgravely on said:

    Great mom. She was observant and listened to her baby. Now as far as Lil Inventors Child Care, they are inventing something alright. I’m like the mom…..they obviously weren’t properly supervising. Somebody threw it over the fence. Okay. #45 is teaching liars to come up with better alibis. That’s a good one. Maybe, just maybe somebody in that daycare has a crack habit.

  4. OMG–that sure beats the Show n Tell that I knew about when I was in school.
    This child had to have gotten the drugs from home or her community.

    I wonder also–where were the teachers/aides when the children were almost
    ingesting CRACK?????????????????????????????????????

    I hope this little girl is alright after this incident.

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