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(Prince George’s County Police Department)

CNN reports, a Maryland police officer has been charged with rape.

Ryan Macklin, 29, was taken into custody Monday evening, after allegedly raping a woman he pulled over.

Police said Macklin pulled the woman over at about 1 a.m. on Oct. 11. During the stop, wptv reports, Macklin forced the woman “to perform a sexual act” while they were both in the woman’s car in a parking lot. Police said Macklin was on duty, in uniform and driving a marked police cruiser at the time.

Macklin, a six-year veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department, has reportedly been suspended without pay and charged with first-degree rape, second-degree rape, perverted practice, second-degree assault and fourth-degree sex offense.

Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said at a news conference, that the woman came forward “several hours” after the incident.

“The charges against this officer are highly troubling,” Stawinski said. “Officers take an oath to protect others, not to abuse their authority in order to victimize someone. Those who live and work in Prince George’s County deserve the very best from the men and women of this department.”

Macklin is assigned to the Bureau of Patrol, police said. According to the department’s website, he was honored as patrol officer of the month at least two times in 2014, in March and September.

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21 thoughts on “Maryland Cop Charged With Raping Woman During Traffic Stop

  1. Karl Crosby on said:

    Some cops are supposed to be good. Some cops are supposed to be bad. But in this day and age if you seen one you’ve seen them all.

  2. Rhonda A Gary on said:

    This dummy probably got caught up. Unless he is a true low life., We’ll never know because he has no proof that she offered him to perform said act. Always consider such an offer a set up. Especially when you have something to lose.

  3. Is there actual evidence or is this just another villainous fallacious accusation against a black person? I mean, that is the trend nowadays. White woman accuses an 8 yr old of sexual assault. White cop enters a man’s home and shoots him accusing him of burglary. White student calls the police on another student because she fell asleep in a lounge while studying…

    There must be evidence to support this charge. Because there are actual videos of white cops murdering unarmed people jaywalking and such and they face NO RETRIBUTION.

    • Veronica Dabney on said:

      She was an undocumented Hispanic woman. It’s been part of the story from the beginning. The speculation is that he thought she wouldn’t report him because of her status. Terrible if true. Still innocent until proven guilty.

  4. Jessica Simpson on said:

    PG County police are corrupt and drunk off power, period. I have had my run-in with them as well. He took advantage of a scared, latino woman, who was probably trying to do everything by the book and not jeopardize her status. He deserves whatever he gets.

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    And when he goes to prison put this animal in general population with the rest of the criminals he shouldn’t get any special treatment or protection. Bend that ass over with no Vaseline!!

  6. tedgravely on said:

    Insane. That gang member is a criminal who was drunk on power. He should go to jail, directly to jail. Let’s see if the union defends him. I pray that woman is in counseling. Can you imagine her being stopped by another rogue blue brotherhood member? If she didn’t stop, can you blame her? This is straight crazy.

  7. Damn, I was hoping that this person was not a PERSON of Color.
    This TURD can no doubt kiss his law enforcement job goodbye.
    I hope that knob-job was WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

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