Inside Her Story: Sheila E. Shares Her Story Of Sexual Assault To Help Others


The amazing Sheila E is known for her tremendous musical talent. But, she’s also a supporter of sexual assault survivors. She herself is a survivor.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Sheila E, who shares her story to hopefully help others gain the strength to share theirs.

The musical legend wrote in her book, The Beat Of My Own Drum, that she was tragically raped at the age of 5, and continuously molested throughout her childhood.

After the Kavanaugh hearings, she tweeted out:

She says she felt like it was important in that moment to send her support because so many survivors feel like they’re the only one.

Following that tweet, thousands of people were “sharing their stories” with her. Some people were telling their stories for the very first time.

According to E, “that’s the only way for you to heal, is to share your story.” So often survivors are ashamed and keep it a secret but she says, holding it in “doesn’t allow you to be your full self,” it can break you down.

What happened to you is not your fault, and “it’s never too late to tell someone and share your story.



2 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Sheila E. Shares Her Story Of Sexual Assault To Help Others

  1. Cherylyn Hall on said:

    Thank you, Shelia E for sharing your story. I am a survivor also. What saddens me is the way we have been treated by those who have not experienced what we have; women and men. Although my perps are dead what happen continues to haunt me. I’m in my 60s and for one to say get over it and laugh at comments made by the White House resident just show one why a lot of victims don’t come forward.

  2. pac4me on said:

    Thank You, Ms Sheila E for being brave enough to tell your truth out loud. You have lifted so many of those who have been shamed for so long and afraid to come forward with their truth. God Bless you and the women that you stand with.

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