The brothers in the funk band Cameo have been at odds with each other for quite some time. Now we’re hearing that four of the former members have filed a lawsuit against the band’s front man, Lawrence Blackmon, otherwise known as Larry Blackmon.

In any event, Blackmon is being accused of keeping the band’s royalties for himself and now they want their money.

According to court documents, Nathan Leftenant, Arnett Leftenant, Jeryl Bright and Gregory Johnson have filed a complaint against Blackmon.

Here’s more via The Blast:

The four former members claim that in 2010, Blackmon began collecting royalties on behalf of the band, saying he would pay the other members their share. They claim Blackmon took in $103,005.30 and never paid them a dime.

They claim they’ve tried on multiple occasions to get the money they believe they are owed but Blackmon has not paid up.

In addition, the plaintiffs claim Blackmon began a Las Vegas residency in 2015 performing Cameo’s music without their permission.

Uh oh. There’s more. The article points out that they are suing to get the money they are owed and they are seeking $1,000,000 in punitive damages. They are also seeking 80% of the profits from live performances and other appearances using the Cameo trademark.

Cameo has been around since the early 70s and found their sweet spot in the 80s. One of their biggest hits was the classic funk tune, “Word Up!” It was the band’s first Top 40 hit and spent three weeks at number 1 on the US R&B chart.

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