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Hurricane Michael tore through Florida and is now headed to the Carolinas as a tropical storm. The storm left a trail of destruction in its path.

Mayor of Tallahassee and gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, is on the ground ready to rebuild.

According to Gillum, Tallahassee’s biggest threat “was always going to be wind.” The strong winds caused a large amount of damage, there are “over 200 streets that are right now impassable.”

Thousands are without power, but there are “six times” the normal amount of utility crews in the city, ready to get to work. Gillum warns that people will have to practice patience as “this will not be an overnight” process.

He says that as bad as of shape Tallahassee is in, they should “count their blessings,” because lives were not lost. The situation isn’t convenient but it could be much worse, “we can replace property but we cannot replace lives,” he says.

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