Roland Martin: Midterm Election Expectations


The midterm elections are less than a month away and Roland Martin talks to pollster Ron Lester, about what we can expect.

According to Martin, there is a “huge swing of women running away from Republicans.”

Lester says that, “white women are breaking now 2 to 1 in favor of the Democrats.” Meaning that over 60% of white women are in support of Democrats. A change from the reported 52% that voted in support of Trump.

Democrats are in a good position to take back the House and possibly the Senate. Lester explains that Democrats “only need 23 seats” to take back the House, and they’re expected to, “win somewhere between 35 and 40”

To take back the Senate, “we really have to sweep,” he says Democrats need to win Tennessee, Nevada, and North Dakota.

While it looks like Democrats are in good shape, Martin reminds us, “if people don’t get out and vote, none of this matters.”

Get out and vote on November 6!


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