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Phoenix Coldon
Credit: Facebook

Seven years ago this December, 23-year-old Phoenix Coldon left her parent’s suburban Missouri home in her SUV. Hours later, the truck turned up in East St. Louis, abandoned and running, though her parents didn’t find that out until months later.

Her glasses, purse, shoes and ID were all found inside the car but no one has seen Phoenix Coldon again.

Though her grieving parents, Goldia and Lawrence, have exhausted every resource, including their home, to find their daughter, no one is any closer to answers. Their daughter is now the subject of an Oxygen documentary hoping to provide more clues to find out what happened to her.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, Coldon’s parents found out after she disappeared that she’d been dishonest about some aspects of her life. After having her mother sign a lease on an apartment she was going to share with a girlfriend, it turned out she was living with a boyfriend instead, before she moved back home. And her parents found out that she hadn’t registered for her fall semester at University of Missouri-St. Louis that year despite the fact that she was going to be in her junior year.

Police in St. Louis County say the boyfriend is not a suspect.

In 2012, Goldia Coldon told the Dispatch that her efforts to find her daughter would have been easier had she been white. She credits BlackandMissing with helping spread the word about her daughter’s disappearance. A Facebook page has also been set up for leads and information. 

The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon airs on Oxygen on Saturday Nov. 3 and Sunday, November 4 at 7 p.m.





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52 thoughts on “What Happened To Phoenix Coldon?

  1. I just watched the episodes tonight and I think the parents especially the mom seemed to know more thsn was days. The journalist Shawndrea was really going above and beyond and so was the retired detective. There was a lot that the second episode brought out that wasn’t pointed out. Why did the minister know so much and why didn’t she say goodbye to her parents when she left. It’s more going on than what the selfie showed too she got into something she couldn’t get out of. If she is alive I pray for her and if not hope they find her.

    • Sad story on said:

      I also felt the mom was shady. The adoptive father, the rumor about how the car was found the savings bonds and the cell phone video. Should have come out day 1. The mother’s tone and body language is aggressive when asked why you think she ran off. Mother a bit much. They are lying about something. The husband follows her lead. Did they do it?

      • Debra Thomas on said:

        I think when she found that birth certificate and found out that her overly controlling, religious mom had been an unwed mother, she was just over the hypocracy, and planned her own disappearance to get away from her!

  2. I think the parents need to be investigated and ruled on or out as suspects. Bc of all the lies and covering up they also were the last ones to see her alive

    • I thought it was weird when police officer said there was nothing in car but one etc. N ok purse or anything. The mom comes out with a box and said these are her things that were in vehicle. I didnt really see if anyone caught that. The mom in my opinion thinks she ed knows things, because that’s all she has left is the controlling factor of Phoenix’s life.

  3. I just watched the show. She’s a very pretty young lady. I hope she is still with us. But I was just wondering how her Mom feels knowing she just made a fool out of herself. She was so caught lying. I understand that controling Mom’s want to think that there right and they know everything. But really your daughter is missing,time to come down off your high horse and tell the truth. Nstead if worrying that people might think that you didn’t have control or your a bad Mom. Believe me honey your way past that..

  4. I believe poor Phienix was ashamed of what she had gotten into. I believe she wanted out and it wasnt going to happen. Two reporters one African American and one white poured their hearts over this case I see no race. I do however believe the mother is having a power struggle by not letting out more information. I pray for a good outcome.

  5. I saw this show last night. The police definitely need to do more! Although I do agree her parents were way too protective – you’ve got to teach and let go, not hover and suffocate. That does cause there to be secrets. It’s hard as a parent to not want to shield your child from everything at every age, but you really aren’t preparing them for life if you don’t let them make their own decisions at times. These decisions will be wrong sometimes, but they will learn from them and tell you about them.
    I don’t believe she left. Even though I can understand her wanting to start a new life, I don’t think she would put her parents through this torture. I think if she had left on her own free will, she would’ve contacted her parents by now. I feel that there’s been some foul play.
    I feel so heartbroken for these parents. I’m so sorry for their pain and pray they get something from this story. I do think it’s a good thing to have it on the TV. It will bring renewed attention to it.
    Not sure how I feel about the whole racial thing. I don’t really care what color her skin is, I just want her family to find her and find the truth!!

    • During part 2 something dawned on me. This girl was under so much pressure at home. Her mother is bat sh*t out of touch. What if Phoenix had a blow out w her parents, a physical fight took place and an accident occurred. Her parents clearly look down on people “less than them”. Placing her car in the worse part of town and floating the false story of the car running seems like the parents’ doing. That minister, well he was way too matter of fact when discussing Phoenix. If a fatal accident occurred, they would have confided in him. The mother rules the dad and he looked ready to BLURT!

      • So crazy that you say that my daughter said the same exact thing as soon as she saw the minister she “o he did it or knows who did” the thought crossed my mind that those kinds of parents do stuff like exorcisms and things like extreme interventions so maybe they were involved maybe that’s y they will take 0 blame trying to portray the perfect family

    • taliyah on said:

      i totally agree with you all the way the police do need to do more and try to go even farther and always stay hopeful. don’t give up shes still out there somewhere. she will always be with us in are hearts and we will never not forget how hard it is to miss and loss someone you love so dearly.

  6. I saw the Oxygen program, and her mother was totally ungrateful to the investigators and in nasty denial about her daughter and her bad parenting. No wonder Phoenix ran away. That smother would have driven anyone off. She should quit her bellyaching and face her own causing the disappearnace. I hope P. is happy anywhere else. (And another amateur journalist trying to play detective, interfering with an offficial investigation. Prosecutable.)

    • mandyharlan on said:

      I had never heard of this case and after watching the special on Oxygen, I have to agree. She was totally sheltered (which not always a bad thing) but Goldia took it to the extreme. She is in denial about her parenting and overbearing ways, no mother wants to hear that or accept the fact that those actions drove her daughter away. But, I truly believe that Phoenix likely planned to run away and did it with someone she thought she could trust possibly. Or she did it on her own giving the new information about the birth certificate and the use of her mothers maiden name.

  7. I never knew about this case till today.
    How sad for the parents of this young girl not to know what happened to her.
    I’m sure everyday they pray for news.
    So sad

  8. AAwoman I need you to stop your nonsense and be human. Regardless of yoyrchalf hearted attempt to be unbiased, there are people who have been victims of racism. Even if you lack the experience do not understate someone else’s. If you want to be complicit in the blindness it is certainly your right to do so but respect others opinions in their experience. Leaders lead and insulting someone rather than expose them to data or discussion that could possibly change their mind is more effective than telling them helplessness is their learned behavior. You aren’t in their circumstance. Stop being some dismissive and be more human. The fact is that a woman is missing and anything outside of that is not relevant including your comments.

    • African American Woman on said:

      And I’m going to need you to get off the victim train when it pulls into the station. Show me where I discounted anyone’s experience…Ya can’t because I didn’t. What I said and what I will always say to people who’s response to anything and everything negative that happens in their lives is racism is that that’s ridiculous and THAT discounts actual incidences of racism.

  9. Concerned parent of boys and no sister on said:

    This is very sad I never heard about this until I seen previews on the oxygen channel and googled it today and found out she’s been missing for seven years come on stl the family needs some closure

  10. Sad on some of these comments. The story is about Phoenix and why her disappearance means nothing to most. A movie nit really no but a way for my Aunt and Uncle to get their story out nationally and maybe leads will come. For flyers, negative comments does nothing to locate her in any way. Yes, all races have ppl that disappear but it’s mostly Caucasian ppl whom get the best coverage. Why dismiss any one looking for their child. Hope, they find my cousin

    • Yes. White women do receive more press however, it is FACT that attention quickly fades and it is up to the families to HOUND the COPS, HOUND the PRESS, do their OWN legwork in order to keep the story alive. A family CANNOT just sit and wait. You call state police, SBI, and so on. If you are who you say, are your aunt and uncle being truthful? Was there a physical fight and an accident occurred? Your aunt comes off as very controlling, manipulative and quite frankly not the nice lady she is attempting to portray. Her husband’s body language doesn’t match the words wifey speaks. He looked like he wanted to BLURT about something. Also, check that minister. He’s way too matter of fact about Phoenix If an ACCIDENT happened, I suspect that your aunt would have confided in him.

  11. Really wish Mac faggot and African American woman would go missing, permanently!! Now, my compassionate side: really hope this family can find out what happened to their child! I’m a mother with a college age daughter… worst nightmare as a parent!

    • Sorry those are FACTS! Media always act on missing blonde hair blue eyed people. People please turning a blind eye and pretending were all treated equally. Be honest with yourself. And C Mason you’re just down right ignorant and you’re part of the problem in America. Bet you wouldn’t make that remark in a black persons face!! Coward!!

      • African American Woman on said:

        Ok….I’ll look for your radio/tv show when it airs. If you believe that,then do something about it! Nah, will never happen. Whining is way for fun!

  12. tedgravely on said:

    The parents are right. Folks, keep fighting for your children and causes. Don’t ever get dissuaded by ignorant coons. Their voices are loud and wrong, but not the authority. Furthermore, no one really knows the backgrounds of people writing on this forum. Don’t assume. However, I don’t expect anything less from ignoramus. There are always the well, “why don’t you.” Or it can’t be done because, “you know how many.” Ignorant coons stay on that plantation. People aren’t just complaining, they’re working. Open your coon eyes and you’ll see it. Keep chasing me coonbot. 1-2-3……

  13. Again, people of all backgrounds go missing every day. The great majority get no attention. Unless the person disappeared under some extremely shady or attention getting fashion(news us about ratings), was rich/famous ot the parents MADE it a media issue-the public won’t hear about it; simply and sadly because every day disappearances are just not going to garner much attention. People get mugged everyday, unfortunately, so much so that no one case is going to make the national news unless the situation was extraordinary. Just the way it is. Locally, there may be a story, but nationally, not likely.

    Again, people of all backgrounds go missing daily. You will not hear about the greater majority. If you think that the “media doesn’t care about black people,” why don’t you care, start your own platform and being this issue to the forefront?

    Nope, you won’t do that because that requires work, responsibility and not being a perpetual victim…that ain’t happening.

    • Autumn on said:

      Black whore bitch aka African American Woman bitch get a job sitting your stank ass on here writing paragraphs about nothing. You used up dumbass slut go suck Mac daddy’s tiny dick. chickenhead

      • Hahahahhahahah! Here’s the substantiated proof that too many of our people have forgone education in favor low intelligent ignorant bliss. Low intelligence-evidence by your asinine inability to intelligently express yourself. I love it when people prove their own lack brain power. Saves me from having to point out the obvious. I tell you-comedy at it’s best!

      • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

        And they scratch their weave wondering where the angry, vulgar black woman stereotype comes from. SMDH

  14. tedgravely on said:

    The parents are absolutely correct. If Phoenix Coldon was white; this beautiful young woman would have been a household name brought into your living rooms every second. All the major networks carry missing white people trying to illicit sympathy and your vigilance. What we find out is their husbands or family members murderer them, neglectful parents, or the woman was sluting around. Ad nauseam the media pushed down your throats Laci Peterson, Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Smart, the weird case of JonBenet Ramsey, Adam Walsh, and Casey Anthony. Phoenix’s parents are right. Keep pressing and calling out racist institutions. Her parents love her and want the same energy and social spotlight on their missing daughter. It’s their right to tell the world what most intelligent people already know, “The media doesn’t value the black missing and exploited.” Also you never know why the so called police didn’t find nothing, maybe they were too busy committing and covering up the crime. I don’t put nothing past that criminal gang. I pray for their peace and hope they find closure.

  15. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    AAW, have you considered running for a political office locally? Your pragmatic, no nonesense, no victim approach would be a welcome change to the poverty race pimps, whose goal is to keep is dumb, poor, angry and divided. And when they easily have us in that vulnerable position, tell us that it’s the other party that has done this to you. And the most outlandish thing? We believe them. #WalkAway

    • You know what? I’ve considered it many times over the past 20 years. It absolutely infuriates me that our people are content-no, more like welcoming of-anything or anyone who is willing and able to support our self-imposed, deeply entrenched learned helplessness. What’s even more ironic is that we have black folks that run for office, win and do ABSOLUTELY nothing, year after year but boy, oh boy, we vote him back in over and iver again. Its like taking candy from a baby because too many of us refuse to grasp the reins and take responsibility for what we do and what we fail to do. Nope! Blaming the white man for our demise and then demanding he fix us is the most asinine illogical thinking one could possess, but many of us of normalized it; so much, that the ones of us who don’t buy into that bullshit are “coons, white supremacists,etc.” Immature responses to mature thinking.

      Back to your original question- I’d run but it would be fruitless…the same people I would get into office to empower and help, wouldn’t vote for me. Learned helplessness is a motherfucker.

  16. Uhhhhhhhhhh…I hope they find their daughter???? I’m going to guess you skipped over that? I don’t wish this on anyone, but if it did, my focus would be on finding my child, not making stupid, pathetic statements to stir up the old “I’m just a poor ole victim of the white man.” They’re missing people of all backgrounds who are-guess what?- STILL MISSING!

  17. Mac Daddy on said:

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. For too long we have embraced a culture of no snitchin’ and fock the po-po. The mother is correct, if the child was white l, she would have been located, because whites respect the law and work together to solve problems. We are divided and hateful, because that’s what our masters the Democrats want. We are easily controlled that way. In just a few weeks those same masters with the same old rhetoric will be coming for our votes. “They are racist, homophobia, white supremacy, vote for us we’ll give you free shyt”. How’s it working out so far? Wake up and #WalkAway

    • Autumn on said:

      Dear Mac Daddy Coon plzzz take an loaded pistol open your mouth secure the gun inside suck on the cold metal as if it’s an dick you know how you do then pull the trigger redecorate the room with your brains. Cocksucker!

  18. AW. Where is your compassion and understanding in for this mother her child is missing and you call it whining I pray you never hath to experience anything like this

  19. It doesn’t matter what race she was. A girl is missing and everything should be done to find her and give her family peace to grieve or to find out where their child is and go and get her and bring her home. Color or race should have no bearing on a missing person!!!

  20. Why Askme on said:

    AAW – STFU!!! Not one black person can make ANY statement on this site without you making a negative comment!! It is a known fact and documentaries, studies and research have been done that proves Black Girls missing ARE NOT as important or looked for as white girls are!!! You don’t know whether she was living a double life or not – just because she said she was living with her boyfriend?! I really get tired of your sad negativity towards Blacks!! Do you hate yourself that much! Did someone Black hurt you?! Self hatred is a sickness – please get help!!

    • Point me in the direction of a legitimate, non biased study that proves that and I’ll happily read it. Yes, I’m tired of every time something happens to us- things that happen to other people as well-we cry victim. The fact that she’s getting her own movie kinda spotlights her being missing, don’t cha think? Wait, that’s right, you don’t think-learned helplessness doesn’t allow for objective thinking.

    • You are correct but don’t forget, all families must work day and night to keep the story out there. That’s fact and by watching this case, the parents seem passive and passed out fliers. That doesn’t bring media attention or put pressure on law enforcement. Some parents make it their life’s mission to keep their missing loved ones name and face out there. There are FREE agencies out there that even HELP families to do this. Everyone’s loved one is equally important but you have to remember that most local police forces have limited resources and when you see all that press and manpower, it’s because families have inadvertently applied pressure to law enforcement. People need to lean on their communities more, make a fuss. That gets press, then families need to remain diligent and phone the investigator every single day. I do know that white people can definitely be hounds like that

  21. I hope they find her, but please stop ” if she were white” whining nonsense. There are people of all races are missing. Perhaps if your daughter wasn’t living a double life, she would be fine. We can’t do or say anything without playing victim. PATHETIC

    • Chilli Palmer on said:

      Thank you, I agree, it has nothing to do with race. It only a very small percentage of missing women who catch the media’s attention and get noticed. It’s sad and unfortunate that thousands seem to fall through the cracks.
      This doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to solve, the person she was last in contact with would be the obvious suspect. More pressure on the police, and a reward would help I would think. I saw a case on TV recently, a young woman murdered in Chicago in the 90’s. The police were overwhelmed with crime at the time, and the case went pretty much cold. But the family bombarded the mayor and even their congressman with letters demanding they do something to help. That brought more pressure on the police, they assigned my officers who actually conducted a more intensive investigation, and it paid off, they caught the killers.
      Don’t give up hope, use all resources, keep the story alive. Unfortunately she is probably no longer alive, but justice could still be done. A GoFundMe reward, and a letter writing campaign should be started. Hope you get answers soon. If anyone knows something, do the right thing, don’t put others in danger!

    • Hulugirl on said:

      I’m very said for you and your family. I’m also very sad that people insert skin color as a serious factor regarding interest in looking for this beautiful girl. What a mistake! I don’t know what race has to do with any of this sad situation. Personally some of my best friends are of color and some are have no color! I choose not to discern a difference! An asshole of any color is still an asshole and a bitch of any color is still a bitch! I this chil is found and peace returns this family’s household!

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