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Phoenix Coldon
Credit: Facebook

Seven years ago this December, 23-year-old Phoenix Coldon left her parent’s suburban Missouri home in her SUV. Hours later, the truck turned up in East St. Louis, abandoned and running, though her parents didn’t find that out until months later.

Her glasses, purse, shoes and ID were all found inside the car but no one has seen Phoenix Coldon again.

Though her grieving parents, Goldia and Lawrence, have exhausted every resource, including their home, to find their daughter, no one is any closer to answers. Their daughter is now the subject of an Oxygen documentary hoping to provide more clues to find out what happened to her.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, Coldon’s parents found out after she disappeared that she’d been dishonest about some aspects of her life. After having her mother sign a lease on an apartment she was going to share with a girlfriend, it turned out she was living with a boyfriend instead, before she moved back home. And her parents found out that she hadn’t registered for her fall semester at University of Missouri-St. Louis that year despite the fact that she was going to be in her junior year.

Police in St. Louis County say the boyfriend is not a suspect.

In 2012, Goldia Coldon told the Dispatch that her efforts to find her daughter would have been easier had she been white. She credits BlackandMissing with helping spread the word about her daughter’s disappearance. A Facebook page has also been set up for leads and information. 

The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon airs on Oxygen on Saturday Nov. 3 and Sunday, November 4 at 7 p.m.





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23 thoughts on “What Happened To Phoenix Coldon?

  1. Really wish Mac faggot and African American woman would go missing, permanently!! Now, my compassionate side: really hope this family can find out what happened to their child! I’m a mother with a college age daughter… worst nightmare as a parent!

  2. tedgravely on said:

    The parents are right. Folks, keep fighting for your children and causes. Don’t ever get dissuaded by ignorant coons. Their voices are loud and wrong, but not the authority. Furthermore, no one really knows the backgrounds of people writing on this forum. Don’t assume. However, I don’t expect anything less from ignoramus. There are always the well, “why don’t you.” Or it can’t be done because, “you know how many.” Ignorant coons stay on that plantation. People aren’t just complaining, they’re working. Open your coon eyes and you’ll see it. Keep chasing me coonbot. 1-2-3……

  3. Again, people of all backgrounds go missing every day. The great majority get no attention. Unless the person disappeared under some extremely shady or attention getting fashion(news us about ratings), was rich/famous ot the parents MADE it a media issue-the public won’t hear about it; simply and sadly because every day disappearances are just not going to garner much attention. People get mugged everyday, unfortunately, so much so that no one case is going to make the national news unless the situation was extraordinary. Just the way it is. Locally, there may be a story, but nationally, not likely.

    Again, people of all backgrounds go missing daily. You will not hear about the greater majority. If you think that the “media doesn’t care about black people,” why don’t you care, start your own platform and being this issue to the forefront?

    Nope, you won’t do that because that requires work, responsibility and not being a perpetual victim…that ain’t happening.

    • Autumn on said:

      Black whore bitch aka African American Woman bitch get a job sitting your stank ass on here writing paragraphs about nothing. You used up dumbass slut go suck Mac daddy’s tiny dick. chickenhead

      • Hahahahhahahah! Here’s the substantiated proof that too many of our people have forgone education in favor low intelligent ignorant bliss. Low intelligence-evidence by your asinine inability to intelligently express yourself. I love it when people prove their own lack brain power. Saves me from having to point out the obvious. I tell you-comedy at it’s best!

      • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

        And they scratch their weave wondering where the angry, vulgar black woman stereotype comes from. SMDH

  4. tedgravely on said:

    The parents are absolutely correct. If Phoenix Coldon was white; this beautiful young woman would have been a household name brought into your living rooms every second. All the major networks carry missing white people trying to illicit sympathy and your vigilance. What we find out is their husbands or family members murderer them, neglectful parents, or the woman was sluting around. Ad nauseam the media pushed down your throats Laci Peterson, Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Smart, the weird case of JonBenet Ramsey, Adam Walsh, and Casey Anthony. Phoenix’s parents are right. Keep pressing and calling out racist institutions. Her parents love her and want the same energy and social spotlight on their missing daughter. It’s their right to tell the world what most intelligent people already know, “The media doesn’t value the black missing and exploited.” Also you never know why the so called police didn’t find nothing, maybe they were too busy committing and covering up the crime. I don’t put nothing past that criminal gang. I pray for their peace and hope they find closure.

  5. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    AAW, have you considered running for a political office locally? Your pragmatic, no nonesense, no victim approach would be a welcome change to the poverty race pimps, whose goal is to keep is dumb, poor, angry and divided. And when they easily have us in that vulnerable position, tell us that it’s the other party that has done this to you. And the most outlandish thing? We believe them. #WalkAway

    • You know what? I’ve considered it many times over the past 20 years. It absolutely infuriates me that our people are content-no, more like welcoming of-anything or anyone who is willing and able to support our self-imposed, deeply entrenched learned helplessness. What’s even more ironic is that we have black folks that run for office, win and do ABSOLUTELY nothing, year after year but boy, oh boy, we vote him back in over and iver again. Its like taking candy from a baby because too many of us refuse to grasp the reins and take responsibility for what we do and what we fail to do. Nope! Blaming the white man for our demise and then demanding he fix us is the most asinine illogical thinking one could possess, but many of us of normalized it; so much, that the ones of us who don’t buy into that bullshit are “coons, white supremacists,etc.” Immature responses to mature thinking.

      Back to your original question- I’d run but it would be fruitless…the same people I would get into office to empower and help, wouldn’t vote for me. Learned helplessness is a motherfucker.

  6. Uhhhhhhhhhh…I hope they find their daughter???? I’m going to guess you skipped over that? I don’t wish this on anyone, but if it did, my focus would be on finding my child, not making stupid, pathetic statements to stir up the old “I’m just a poor ole victim of the white man.” They’re missing people of all backgrounds who are-guess what?- STILL MISSING!

  7. Mac Daddy on said:

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. For too long we have embraced a culture of no snitchin’ and fock the po-po. The mother is correct, if the child was white l, she would have been located, because whites respect the law and work together to solve problems. We are divided and hateful, because that’s what our masters the Democrats want. We are easily controlled that way. In just a few weeks those same masters with the same old rhetoric will be coming for our votes. “They are racist, homophobia, white supremacy, vote for us we’ll give you free shyt”. How’s it working out so far? Wake up and #WalkAway

    • Autumn on said:

      Dear Mac Daddy Coon plzzz take an loaded pistol open your mouth secure the gun inside suck on the cold metal as if it’s an dick you know how you do then pull the trigger redecorate the room with your brains. Cocksucker!

  8. AW. Where is your compassion and understanding in for this mother her child is missing and you call it whining I pray you never hath to experience anything like this

  9. It doesn’t matter what race she was. A girl is missing and everything should be done to find her and give her family peace to grieve or to find out where their child is and go and get her and bring her home. Color or race should have no bearing on a missing person!!!

  10. Why Askme on said:

    AAW – STFU!!! Not one black person can make ANY statement on this site without you making a negative comment!! It is a known fact and documentaries, studies and research have been done that proves Black Girls missing ARE NOT as important or looked for as white girls are!!! You don’t know whether she was living a double life or not – just because she said she was living with her boyfriend?! I really get tired of your sad negativity towards Blacks!! Do you hate yourself that much! Did someone Black hurt you?! Self hatred is a sickness – please get help!!

    • Point me in the direction of a legitimate, non biased study that proves that and I’ll happily read it. Yes, I’m tired of every time something happens to us- things that happen to other people as well-we cry victim. The fact that she’s getting her own movie kinda spotlights her being missing, don’t cha think? Wait, that’s right, you don’t think-learned helplessness doesn’t allow for objective thinking.

  11. I hope they find her, but please stop ” if she were white” whining nonsense. There are people of all races are missing. Perhaps if your daughter wasn’t living a double life, she would be fine. We can’t do or say anything without playing victim. PATHETIC

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