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(Antonio Perez/ Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool)

CHICAGO (AP) — A jury has convicted white Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke of second-degree murder in the 2014 shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald.

Van Dyke was charged with first degree-murder in the October 2014 killing, a charge that requires a finding that the shooting was unnecessary and unreasonable. The judge told jurors the second-degree charge was also available, requiring them to find Van Dyke believed his life was in danger but that the belief was unreasonable.

The jury announced the verdict Friday. It’s the first time in half a century that a Chicago police officer has been convicted of murder for an on-duty death.


McDonald was carrying a knife when Van Dyke fired 16 shots into the 17-year-old as he walked away from police.

Second-degree murder usually carries a sentence of less than 20 years.



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29 thoughts on “Jury Convicts Officer Who Killed Laquan McDonald

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    Don’t forget Suge Knight murdered a black boy by driving over him. I’ll wait for you’re outraged. Stay sleep.

    • He shot that teenager 16 times. He could have used his training to physically restrain him, but he chose to shoot him 16 times. What is the connection between S. Knight and a police officer who’s job is to serve and protect. Don’t waste this forum’s time with your ignorance, sometimes it’s better not to speak at all.

      • Thank you bgminc for correcting some of the misguided that constantly support the perpetrators, instead of the victims. I know any intelligent thinking grown up doesn’t support S.Knight. If every black in this country went out and killed a person each, it wouldn’t match the number of missing, murdered, mutilated, burned and buried souls that have gone missing. Mostly by white cops, and white vigilantes. They certainly don’t need our empathy, when karma catches up to some of them, once in a blue moon.

    • Beatrice Brown on said:

      he gonna get his just due too. justice is not suppose to be about color but whether they can prove you did what you accused of.Nobody deserves to be ran over or shot 17 times.Dead is dead.

      • Exactly Beatrice. As far as he was from the victim, there was no need to keep shooting. One bullet would have stopped him. I’d say that whether he was white, yellow, cat,dog or whatever. But some of the comments by usually the same people aren’t that fair minded, and never Intend to be. They won’t understand until they have to visit a morgue one day. Bad things don’t just happen to bad people.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head! It is hate and his ancestors are going to bbe judged for the bad seeds they planted into this man’s head!! It’s sad bbut the minute wwe learn within ourselves to love and give the respect we should have for ourselves first and others. How can we really believe they can love us. We teach our children love yourself and others will love you, but we don’t practice tthat love and respect! This world is so Israel and running around building God’s to serve iinstead of God’s instructions, which is to love Him first then lto love our neighbor like we love ourselves we can get somewhere in this life. However I see the problem we haven’t learned to ourselves yet I guess!! Thank you Lord for parents who taught mme God’s ways and took me to Church to learn of Love! God is 1st Love!!

  3. tedgravely on said:

    Let’s wait until he is actually sentenced. The good news is this fool is a felon and loses his Qualified Immunity. Sue him personally. The bad news – Laquan is still in his eternal resting place. That racist coward shot him 16 times. It’s like the great Nat Turner. Turner wasn’t just hanged, but his body was flayed and beheaded as an example to frighten other would-be rebels. This racist fool tried to send a message to other black men who “disregarded” his “orders.” I guess he’ll join the racist brotherhood in jail.

  4. Shooting someone 17times just reveals the hatred in his heart. I feared he would go free just like George Zimmerman. 7 years in jail will feel like 700 years. This still don’t take away the hurt from family and friends…just a SAD day in America’s history.

  5. Beatrice Brown on said:

    It’s about time, maybe this will make them think before killing all these Black men especially since white men are not shot down like dogs in the street.

  6. Margaret Williams on said:

    I agree with C L Gibson, he could have shot him one time in the leg not 16 times to kill him these cops are so used to getting away with anything that they think they’re privileged

  7. Linda Chambers on said:

    For second degree murder, this officer gets less than 20 years, my son was sentenced to 10 years for accidently hitting a bicyclist not killing him, but Fairfax County went 5 times over the guide lines.Not saying there shouldn’t have a consequence, but it’s not fair. Need some advice.

  8. Bill Norman on said:

    I agree it should have been 1st degree conviction. I often wonder why the other officers didn’t step in, to try and stop it.

  9. And another thing: I agree it should have been 1st degree murder. But a murder conviction is a murder conviction. When he gets to prison that street justice will take care of the rest. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

  10. FINALLY! When police dashboard video is shown and other police on the scene start to tell the TRUTH about what really happened – even when it’s not popular – these bad apple cops rightfully so will get convicted and GO DIRECTLY TO PRISON. When they start going to prison, these mofos will rethink their actions. And for backup all drivers need their own dashboard camera video.

  11. Definitely guilty, based on the video I saw, but of 1st degree murder for sure. Van Dyke arrived on the scene, got out of his vehicle and fired 16 shots at McDonald. He continued to shoot at McDonald for 12.5 seconds after he was already on the ground.

    Van Dyke told investigators that McDonald raised the knife in a menacing manner before he fired, and that he backpedaled as the teen approached. The police video did not support the officer’s account.

    Now, hopefully, he doesn’t get probation, but some REAL jail time!!!

  12. Christianforreal on said:

    This man should have been convicted of 1st degree murder. He ‘premeditated’ this murder on the way to the scene. He jumped out of his vehicle and fired his gun 16 times, almost immediately. He made absolutely sure that this boy was dead AND there was no way he would be revived by EMT’s. Sure, RIC, this boy did not obey the officers as he should have,however, he was NOT a threat to their lives and he should not have been killed. Had that been you, you’d still be alive to spout your rhetoric>

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