Donna Alexander was an entrepreneur who also appeared on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Dallas.” Sadly, on September 24 she died at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, after reportedly being attacked by her ex-boyfriend.

On September 21, Alexander was attacked by her ex, Nathaniel Mitchell, 34, at her home in Grand Prairie. Dallas News reports, “Mitchell, who took Alexander to the hospital, gave staff a story they found to be inconsistent with her injuries, officer Mark Beseda said. Officers interviewed Mitchell and arrested him at the hospital on outstanding warrants.” She had severe head injuries and passed away three days later.

Mitchell was originally charged with aggravated assault, but the charge was upgraded to murder when Alexander died. He is being held in Tarrant County Corrections Center on $250,000 bail.

Alexander was a mother of two and appeared on “Real Housewives of Dallas.” She also received national attention for creating the Anger Room in 2011, a space that allowed people to break things to relieve stress. Alexander told the Dallas News about the Anger Room, “I always wanted to be able to relate to what people are angry about. Most people have stress from work or home-related issues.”

She was also an advocate against domestic violence. Her friend, Delores Hodge, said about Alexander, “For it to be that she expired the same way for something that she was advocating against. You think about what makes your mind say, ‘Wow, this thing is so real.’ You just never know.”


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