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( Photo Credit: Botham Jean Facebook)

The family of Botham Jean are fighting back after the 26-year-old was shot and killed in his own home by police officer Amber Guyger on September 6. They are now suing the city of Dallas for civil rights violations.

According to Fox 4 in Dallas, “The attorneys say the lawsuit will argue that Jean’s civil rights were violated when off-duty Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger mistakenly went to his apartment and shot and killed him, thinking she was encountering an intruder in her apartment.”

Guyger, 30, who has been a police officer for four years, entered Jean’s apartment, first claiming she thought it was her own home before she started shooting. It is still not clear whether the door was locked or unlocked because Guyger’s story has changed and Jean isn’t alive to explain.

She was arrested and charged with manslaughter on September 9, more than two days after she killed Jean. After only a few hours in custody, she was released on a bond of $300,000. After five search warrants, her apartment was never searched, and she reportedly moved out of the complex the weekend she killed Jean. In addition, she was not fired until 18 days after the shooting. The case was also given to the Texas Rangers, who have a history of cover-ups.

We hope the family of Botham Jean gets the justice they deserve.

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21 thoughts on “Botham Jean’s Family Suing The City Of Dallas

  1. americanize on said:

    @ Robert the racist I don,t give a sh*t how you feel about me,I already know that,ur a white supremist,how does ur dark skin wife feels about being married to a dude who hates other dark skin people.

  2. It is unreal to me how people are mis representing this case. Let’s just talk facts. 1. Gotham was in his own apartment. 2. The police officer entered without an invitation, that would be trespassing. 3 She shot and killed him without cause period.
    Whatever he had in his apartment is irrelevant because had she never entered uninvited it would not be an issue and he would be alive.
    This is the basic facts, stop the hatred, it is really not a black and white issue it is the right thing that should have been done.

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    Lol, People this section is actually for your thoughts on the Botham Jean’s family suing the city of Dallas. All of the back and forth changes nothing, with people like Mac Daddy and the other racists. They actually sound like lonely people who need attention. I believe that his family should sue the city and Amber Guyger to the hilt, for everything they are worth!!!

  4. Well of course they are! But at least this is the only one case that is legit. You dummies would sue if you slipped on a banana peel if it was thrown there by you.

  5. americanize on said:

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    • No, not white supremacist, just everyday average people because everyone hates you. Take me for example, my wife is a dark skinned Brazilian so my own kids are biracial and I love all the other races. Why cant you dummies just blame it on your stupid,childish,racist behavior from the last 7 years or so on the negative things you now see. Before that I had no problem with your race in fact I respected a lot of black people.

    • Nope,I love and respect my dark skinned wife,she is amazing! And I have had black friends in my past. Nope,its the behavior of your race in recent years that have made me dislike you so spin it how you want and if you call me racist I dont care. If white people have become childish militants that loot,burn,cry,racist to other whites,lie about racist moments about whites,block airports, roads,and kick out white people from colleges, call for safe spaces,call for reparations,walk around libraries and punch others if they dont say white lives matter,blame cops for their own bad behavior, and just all around dont think rules apply to them then I’d despise them too. You struggle against yourselves so take some responsibility for once would you because your race has gone crazy the last few years. Here is a story that sums up your race these days. So what do you have to say now? And for the response I think you will say,your race seems to think alike so why not lump you all together and make assumptions about all of you? Can you really blame me for how i and many others feel about you?

  6. This makes me wonder, how to the rest of the police feel about it? Because we look at you the same way you look at us. We just don’t go out shooting at you. Just a thought….

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