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Gubernatorial candidates Andrew Gillum (Florida) and Stacey Abrams (Georgia) have given the November mid-term elections just the spark it needed.


It’s not easy to get voters fired up for non-presidential elections so the national attention these two candidates are getting is inspiring voters in those states.  But what about the rest of the country you ask?  I hear you.  Do state elections have the potential to get people to the polls around the country?  I think they do.


I believe the fact that these candidates won their primary elections is a reminder to all of us that our votes have the power to change things that are important to us.  If it can happen in Florida and Georgia, it can happen in your state, your district and your town.  When we want to make something happen, we can galvanize, unify, and win.


Andrew Gillum is more than a candidate for Governor. To me he represents the hope that we need so badly. I was like a lot of you, feeling down about the direction this country is going in, the political scandals and the lackluster future of the Democratic Party.


The Democratic Party has been in a rut for a while. Trump defeated Hillary, Republicans control the House and the Senate, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retired, giving Trump and Senate Republicans the chance to create a majority conservative Supreme Court, and Super Undercover Black Spy Omarosa was kicked out of the White House.  Okay, the last one was just to see if you were paying attention.


You may not have an Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams, Ben Jealous (Maryland gubernatorial candidate), or Beto O’Rourke (running against Texas Republican Ted Cruz). But there is someone or some issue on the ballot that can bring great and much needed change to your state, county or city.  Find that one person or issue and become laser focused on winning. It’s going to take some action on your part.


Research: Be sure you have the facts straight so that you can speak on your candidate or issue intelligently and accurately.

Support: Aside from voting in November there are all kinds of ways you can show your commitment.  Campaigns are always in need of money and volunteers.


Prepare: Make sure you and everyone you know are registered to vote.


Finish: A lot of things can happen on election day but you can’t let anything keep you from the polls.  Don’t ever think your one vote doesn’t make a difference. It does.


I plan to do all of the above. How committed am I to my candidate? Yesterday, I changed my homestead from Texas to Florida where I plan to retire. I’ve always had a home there and now I will be able to vote in the Florida mid-term election for Andrew Gillum.

When I go in, I go all in.


Oh, one more thing: expect me to have enough Gillum gear to make President Obama say, “dang, Tom!”   That includes an old school bumper sticker “Gillum for Governor” on my ride. Honk when you see me!