Lyndo Jones was begging, “No, no, don’t shoot,” right before a Mesquite, Texas police officer who mistook him for a burglar shot him twice in the back, body camera footage played Tuesday during the former cop’s trial showed.

“If you get up, I will shoot you again,” Derick Wiley yells at Jones after the shooting, while the wounded man lies bleeding on the ground.

Wiley responded to a suspicious person call Nov. 8, 2017, in the parking lot of a business. The business owner called police after seeing Jones sitting in his pickup truck, reports NBC 5.

The truck’s alarm was reportedly going on and off, and Jones had difficulty silencing it.

“There’s a gentleman in our parking lot that doesn’t belong here,” the man told a 911 operator. The 911 call was played for jurors on Tuesday.

Wiley and another officer were dispatched to the call, but Wiley allegedly radioed dispatchers that he would respond alone. He later told investigators that he believed another officer was going to respond to the parking lot as his backup, reports NBC 5.

“Lyndo was shot, basically almost killed, for being in his own vehicle,” civil attorney Daryl Washington told Dallas News.

The body-cam footage shows Wiley pointing his gun at the truck and shouting at Jones, who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Put your hands up or I will [expletive] shoot you,” Wiley yells at Jones.

Jones gets out of the truck and then Wiley tells him to get on the ground. Jones, who was shirtless, said he doesn’t want to get down because the ground was wet but he gets down after Wiley orders him to again.

“Stay on the ground before I [expletive] shoot you,” Wiley yells.

“Yes, sir, I’m on the ground,” Jones says.

Wiley puts a knee into Jones’ back and starts to pull the man’s hands behind his back. Wiley then uses his knee to put pressure on Jones’ neck.

“What are you doing?” Jones asks.

Jones then rolls overs and starts to get up, yelling at Wiley, ” Get off me, bro.”

Jones’ hands are up with his palms facing Wiley when he begs the officer not to shoot. He then turns to start running away. That’s when Wiley shoots him twice in the back.

According to NBC 5, Wiley has been charged with aggravated assault by a public agent.

(Photo credit: AP)

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