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Botham Shem Jean is the victim. Let’s never forget that — he was only 26 years old and brutally killed in his own home by a a 30-year-old police officer named Amber Guyger on Sept. 6. However, the police were treating Jean like he was the killer. While there has been speculation, it’s been confirmed that Guyger’s apartment was never searched — even after five search warrants.

ABC 8 in Dallas obtained copies of the five search warrants for the case. Two of them “allowed investigators to remove the front door of Guyger and Jean’s apartment, their door locks and to download data for their door locks.”

The third warrant allowed investigators to enter Jean’s apartment. The fourth showed they obtained video from the surveillance camera in the apartment management’s office. The final warrant, according to ABC, “gave investigators the authority to obtain all communications related to the incident in the possession of property management, as well as all surveillance video and all entry and access logs from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on the night of the shooting.”

The Free Thought Project also pointed out that it was too late to search her apartment now because Guyger moved out of the complex.

In addition, social media posts have surfaced showing Guyger bragging about being able to kill people. See below:

She even reportedly posted a meme that read “NFL Died, Of Colin Cancer.”

Guyger was arrested and charged with manslaughter on Sept. 9, more than two days after she killed Jean. After only a few hours in custody, she was released on a bond of $300,000.





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5 thoughts on “Despite Five Search Warrants, Amber Guyger’s Apartment Was Never Searched

  1. Phoenix Rising on said:

    She’s your typical vile racist white woman, who is either a drug addict a/o alcoholic. I don’t care how long a person’s shift is. You just do’t forget where the f*ck you live. This b*tch drove to the apartment complex and parked on the WRONG level and walked to the WRONG apartment and SHOT & KILLED an UNARMED man in his OWN apartment. Nothing but a drunk meth addict. BTW, where is her toxicology report? Can you say COVER UP?!!

  2. Mac Daddy on said:

    They searched his place because that is where the incident took place. What they found at the scene was evidence of a discumctional drug addict. Of course this changes the focus of the investigation. Can’t ignore crimes Peeps because they don’t fit your narrative

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