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Trump may have found a new Omarosa in former police chief and Republican Eddie Edwards. After being endorsed by the president—and Rudy Giulani—Edwards won the Republican nomination on Tuesday in New Hampshire’s toss-up congressional district.

The former Navy veteran beat out six other Republicans in a district that, according to the Associated Press, was “once reliably Republican but has flipped in each of the past four cycles.” Giuliani said that Edwards is a “strong conservative who believes in low taxes and is a supporter of the ‘America First’ agenda of President Trump.”

If Edwards is supportive of Trump’s agenda, that clearly means he will support racism, sexism, ignoring constitutional rights and destroying healthcare. Moreover, Edwards has already proven he is deep in the sunken place. Fox News reports he said that the “president’s doing one hell of a job in Washington” and “it’s about time we had a president who understood the values of our country and stood up for our country.”

Edwards Democratic competition will be Chris Pappas, a former state lawmaker who is serving his third term on the governor’s Executive Council. He is openly gay, a U.S. Marine and Iraq War veteran who served in the Department of Veterans Affairs and at the Pentagon during the Obama administration.

If Edwards wins, he would be New Hampshire’s first Black congressman. That said, clearly not all skin folk are kinfolk. Anyone who says Trump is doing a “hell of a job” would be disaster — Black or white.


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