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(AP Photo/David Dermer)

CLEVELAND (AP) — Former President Barack Obama delivered a simple message Thursday headed into the fall midterm elections: Vote.

Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of several thousand in Cleveland, Obama said the consequences of sitting on the sidelines during November’s midterm elections “are far more dangerous” than in the past.

Without mentioning Republican President Donald Trump by name, Obama said, “This is not normal what we’re seeing. It is radical.” He said a continuation of Republican control in Washington would threaten Medicaid, affordable health care, even democracy.

“On November 6th, we have a chance to restore some sanity to our politics,” Obama said. “We can flip the balance of power back to the American people. Because you are the only check on bad policy, you are the only real check on abuses of power. It’s you and your vote.”

Obama was in closely divided Ohio to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, running mate Betty Sutton, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and the party’s statewide slate. Cordray, who was Obama’s appointee to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is locked in a tight contest for governor against Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine. Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich is term-limited.

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, was in the state Thursday to raise money for DeWine and Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, who is seeking to unseat Brown in the Senate.

In Cleveland, Cordray pledged to the crowd that he and his party would fight for decency, tolerance, inclusion and respectfulness if elected, declaring, “Change is coming.”

Obama drew a contrast between Cordray’s polite — some say boring — style and the president’s. He said many Ohio farmers “have money in their pockets” because of Cordray’s work at the consumer bureau.

“He didn’t try to take credit for it. He didn’t tweet about it. He just did it,” Obama said. “And if you elect him your governor, he will keep working like that — on your behalf.”

Republicans rejected Democrats’ arguments.

“2016 is over, but President Obama continues to dismiss the millions of voters across Ohio who rejected a continuation of his policies in favor of President Trump’s plan for historic tax cuts, new jobs and soaring economic growth,” said Mandi Merritt, Ohio spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. “Richard Cordray, Obama’s former regulator-in-chief, would just be more of the same of the outdated Obama-era policies that hurt Ohio families.”






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14 thoughts on “Barack Obama: This Is No Time To Sit On The Sidelines

  1. True dat!!!!
    This years mid-term elections are of major importance.
    If WE don’t want another 4 yrs of the Clown in the WH–WE need to get up off our azzes and VOTE in November.

    OUR LIVES DEPEND UPON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You white racists need to stop prentending to be black and get off this site. Black people do not need you speaking against Obama for them.

    • Newsflash, ALL black people did not or continue to support Obama. And we may or may not support Trump either. Democrats are using black people for votes and don’t intend to help our quality of lives. Republicans don’t care either. So, as I’ve said millions of times, we’ve screwed as black people and have to do our best to lift ourselves up. ~ Black female, veteran.

  3. This speech by Obama should be a reminder that NO ONE IS FOR US AS BLACK PEOPLE. Neither of the top 2 parties care what happens to us. Siri, play Celine Dion, All By Myself. @bgminc, as a middle class black, no handouts here BUT my AFFORDABLE healthcare did double after it was implemented. Research found he DID helped banks, Wall Street and LGBT people. AND, black people, the inclusion mentioned isn’t about us. Think about. #politcalpartyless

    • They only wants your votes. Look at areas where Democratically ran, Chicago, Baltimore, downtown Atlanta, Maxine Waters district, to many more to list. But I will say, this administration is no different. We’re SCREWED either way.

  4. hoodtechie on said:

    barrack please go sit your dumbo eared ass down.you had 8 years in office and didn’t do jack for the people that voted for you.all you did was bail out the banks and wall street , nothing for the common man but just made promises, so please go away we as black people were better off without you.

    • You didn’t do your research. He did a for Black people during his time in office, all you had to do was research the programs he set up for Black people. You must have been waiting for a handout like the others used to do. Free programs should have just came to you without you having to do anything. Well, too bad for you.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Obama phones and cash for clunkers? Blacks were set backward in all major economic measures after his disastrous 8 years. That is fact

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        Black homeownership down, food stamp participation up by millions, unemployment up drastically, net income down. You are the one that needs to do research and stop with your nonsense

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