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Former NBA legendary hoopster Allen Iverson is well known for not being a fan of practicing. Guess what? He’s also well known to authorities in Georgia for not paying his taxes.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Georgia Department of Revenue recently hit Iverson with a tax lien, claiming he owes taxes for the years 2012 and 2013.

The former NBA star allegedly owes $25,643.12 from 2012 and $174,465.25 from 2013. The unpaid debt has swelled over the years with $44k in interest and $27k in penalties tacked on for not paying on time. All told, Iverson owes $200,108.37.

Iverson – who retired from the league in 2010 – and ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, settled their divorce in 2013 and he had to fork over $3 million to end the battle.

As part of the divorce, it was revealed that Iverson signed a deal with Reebok in 2001 that put $32 million of his deal into a trust that he can’t touch until he is 55 years old, meaning he can’t try and use that money to pay off his tax debt.

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2 thoughts on “Allen Iverson Owes $200k In Taxes

  1. tedgravely on said:

    The tax stuff is minor. I’m sure there is a dispute and it’s something AI will clean up. Don’t sleep on the fact that he was smart enough to put millions into a trust that he can’t touch until he is 55. Financial health is essential. Besides saving for the kids’ college (hoping for scholarships); we started putting money away monthly for each one into a trust that they can’t touch until they turn 30. If you put $100 a month in an account, your kid will have over $20K when they turn 18. That’s without interest. Teach em early.

  2. OMG—Everyone knows that the first person you should always pay is the IRS.
    With all of the $$$$ Allen Iverson earned as an NBA player, due to his penchant for living beyond his means–he has NO ONE to blame for this predicament but himself.

    Didn’t he also have a gambling problem??????

    So damn sad!!!!!!!

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