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A white man who pulled a gun on a group of Black college students for no reason at an apartment complex in Florida on Saturday has yet to be arrested despite a viral video of his harassment.

The young men who attend Florida A&M University —  Isaiah Butterfield, Stephen Brooks, Joshua Cosby and Fitzroy Rhoden —  were confronted by Dan Crandell during the incident that prompted a Tallahassee Police Department investigation. In the video, Crandell confronted and argued with the college juniors at a student housing apartment building. The incident didn’t take a deadly turn, but the heated encounter has still sparked outrage.

Crandell claimed to be a building resident though the Stadium Centre apartment complex’s management said he wasn’t living there, BuzzFeed reported. The man was also reportedly identified as an employee of the Baymont Inn & Suites by Wyndham Hotels and has since been fired.

Crandell, who also had on a baseball cap, tried to use scare tactics on the students, who were visiting a friend, by initially closing and locking a door to prevent them from getting into the complex through a garage entrance. The students were minding their own business when Crandell got in their way, telling them they couldn’t enter the building with a key. Once the students got inside, Crandell tried to stop them from using an elevator and pulled out a gun.

The students neither posed a threat nor provoked Crandell but found themselves harassed by the armed man. They were only trying to visit their friend Zavian Flowers, who had moved into the building and was throwing a party, they said.




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12 thoughts on “White Man Pulls Gun On HBCU Students After Entering Apartment Building

  1. Minorities, please stop killing each other over nonsense and ban together to stop idiots like this and all the trumps of the world. For every black, Latino, Asian and so on killed, people like this celebrate. Lift your brothers and sisters. Stop taking each other down. There are good white people out there. They are just as discussed as we are.

  2. Thaddeus S Tate on said:

    These events should open our young people’s eyes, racism is alive and well and hasn’t gone anywhere.

    60’s they were in our face with it
    70’s – 90’s they were undercover with it
    Since 08 – here they come again.

    #LivingWhileBlack is no joke!!

  3. Here we go again. #1 He didn’t live there, liar, confrunted the young men, had a gun. Threatening them. The system would be trying to justify him if he had shot or injured one of them. He needs to be terminated from his job, barred from entering that building, & charged! Oh maybe the building was similar to his, or he thought it was his residence. Sick of the mess While privilege

  4. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Florida is a very dangerous and hateful state for African Americans. I’m glad that the young men are alive-Thanks to God- and that the racist nut got fired from his job. White people take donald trump’s racist behavior too seriously. They think that there will be no consequences for their overt racist actions against African Americans. The criminal injustice system in Florida reinforces this view as well with their racist stand-your-ground laws. These incidents of racist white men with guns, killing and accosting African Americans in Florida with impunity feels like “hunting season.” Those of us who don’t live in Florida need to punish this state by not vacationing there, and finding other ways to hurt this state economically. Our people are in real danger there and we need to help them put a stop to the white terror campaign that seems to be gaining traction in Florida. Imagine how we would have felt if all four of those HBCU students were shot dead by this hateful white creature. And for what? THEY were minding their own business.

    • I am in total agreement with you I will not be going to Florida on vacation anytime soon. They will not be getting any of my money. There need to be some changes to some of their laws. Thank God those young people were not shot dead.but they should file charges for the threat on their lives.

  5. What in the hell are they “investigating?” Whether or not the video is real? Whether he was really holding a gun? If neither of those things is in question, he should already be in custody while they “investigate.”

  6. Yes, I agree we need to get armed with permits BUT the problem is we will be giving to cops an excuse to shoot. Ie, Philando Castile and the guy in Oregon this year.

  7. I want to know why is Black America the only race being targeted by White America? White America is too busy focusing on Black America, and all the other races are coming in and taking over.

    • “and all the other races are coming in and taking over.”

      Especially Trumps Russian friends. Pregnant Russian women are coming to America in droves, staying at Trump properties, and having their babies, which, makes those babies American citizens…when these kids turn 18, they can sponsor other family members to become Americans…the “chain migration,” Melania just did with her parents, and the “chain-migration,” Trump wants to stop of Hispanics, and other black/brown people from around the world.

  8. americanize on said:

    Black America you better get license to carry,and don,t leave home without it.This is not a joke.White folks are playing chess some of you negroes are still playing checkers.

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